Eugenie & John’s Moving Story of Happily Ever After

“Big Changes.
It came time for Eddie, my second trusty roommate since 1999, to move out of my condo. What next? John and I had only been in a relationship for one and a half years. Long by New York standards, but not long enough to simply ask him to move in. Will he clean the dishes? Eddie said “You’re either going to break up or get married.” I didn’t think it was the only two possible trajectories but I know I do like being in close daily proximity to my boyfriends. I thought it would be fun. So we did it.

No Privacy.
We hosted our homeless friends and relatives multiple times when they got kicked out of their living arrangements.

John had to spend the summer in Berlin working. Our friend Brennan moved in upstairs. He cooked me awesome breakfast sandwiches and was my fellow scotch-toaster. We both missed John together and had fun too.

Eddie was right.
John proposed New Years morning to Ravel’s Tzigane (one of my favorite violin pieces) and we got married in September.”

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