Rob Domingo’s DIY move almost slipped away

This particular story takes place in a time where things were simpler, where moving was just about getting a bunch of friends together to help you move your stuff while you pay them in pizza. The only incident we experienced was unheard of in the history of moves. No one was a pro at moving when it came to our friendly band of would-be movers. We thought we were the bomb when we rented the trailer at Uhaul. We said, “No problem, we got plenty of time to beat traffic.” That time was very precious to us, because what happened next could have changed our lives forever. While on the Long Island Expressway, nearing our destination around 5am, we noticed another Uhaul trailer gently speeding past us. We thought, “Hey that’s funny, that’s a similar trailer like the one we have…” then more thoughts gathered into our puzzled mind, “You know I think that trailer has the same stuff we have.” Lastly the final thought grazed our minds at the same time right where we yelled out. “THE TRAILER GOT LOOSE!!!!”

It was a rough race to catch up with the trailer while the adrenaline is pumping into your head and people yelling at you to watch out for the manned vehicles and unmanned vehicle on the road. Luckily the Gods shined upon us, the trailer decided to slow down and it being so early, we had no traffic jam to deal with.

We hooked the trailer up again, double and triple checking the connection, then proceeded to move at a blazing 30 miles per hour along the BQE. Needless to say no one was hurt during the whole ordeal, but the morale here to all readers is simple…Hire professionals next time.

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