Moving Testimonial by Merrill Carey

My need to move came unexpectedly with the passing of a family member. I needed to get moving logistics underway, quickly, in an emotionally difficult time. And at the same time, I was starting graduate school.

Rabbitmovers to the rescue! 

I found Rabbit online, and was thrilled to see that they are based in DUMBO. Local is always good – I was transitioning from Cobble Hill to Brooklyn Heights, back to the apartment where I had grown up.

Rabbitmovers helped us pack! They brought boxes, and then more boxes! (I never realized how much stuff I have, especially compared to my boyfriend’s possessions which take up only two drawers and a fraction of closet space.)

The folks at Rabbit could not be more accommodating, helpful, patient and professional – just what one needs in the midst of a sudden and stressful move. YAY RABBITMOVERS!

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