Tips for Moving a Piano

Are you moving soon and need to move your piano as well? There are a few things that you should know before you start packing and moving it, as you want to avoid any possible damage to it. Although pianos can produce the most beautiful notes and seem sophisticated, you need to be really careful when moving them. A piano can weigh anywhere between 300 pounds and 1,400 pounds depending on the type. Luckily, we have prepared this useful guide for you and we will assist you to make the move as safe as possible.

Get the right equipment first

First things first, the equipment for relocating a piano should be on top of your priorities. The better moving equipment you have, the smoother the move itself will go.

In order to protect both yourself and the piano, here is what you need to get:

A piano dolly

A Piano Dolly is a Must-have When It Comes to Moving a Piano

Dolly is an important part of moving equipment for a piano. It will prevent any moving injuries, any floor damage, and of course, it is the safest way to relocate your piano from point A to point B. Also, make sure that the dolly can withstand the weight of your piano.

A piano skid board

It is essential for moving a grand piano or a baby grand piano.

Moving blankets

Every part of the piano will have to be covered in moving blankets, so get plenty of them. You can use regular old blankets and towels for this purpose as well.


Get the best and the most strenuous tape you can to protect every single piece of the piano during relocation.


Again, for a grand piano, having a screwdriver is a must-have.

Remember to Measure Everything

Measure everything that is on your way

Missing this step would cause a lot of issues on the relocation day. Measure the piano precisely first. Then move on to measuring the doorstep and staircase width. If your piano cannot go through a certain door, maybe the best idea is to call the pros. Another important thing to do is to repeat this process in your new home. When you finally get the piano to your new house it would be a bummer to find out that it cannot go through the main door.

Get help for moving a piano safely

If you do not want to call the pros, you should really call your friends. In order to move your piano, you will need at least 4 people to help you out. It is an excellent idea to call a couple of more people, just in case someone bails out last second. Make sure that you can rely on the people who agreed to help you with moving a piano. Also, it would be great if they have even the slightest experience with moving heavy and bulky items.

Hire piano moving professionals

Rabbit Moving & Storage Your Reliable Piano Movers

If you don`t have enough manpower to help you with your relocation, feel free to call the professionals. In this case, it is really worth paying for the service, as damaging a piano is not something that should be taken lightly. Not only will you lose your precious instrument, but also you risk getting yourself injured. In case of an accident, even if something does happen to your piano, reliable movers will pay for the damage or replace the piano with another one. If your piano weighs more than 1000 pounds, the safest thing you can do is let the pros handle it. They have gone through the training, they know the drill, and have all the right skills.

Prepare your piano for moving

Once you have obtained all the right packing equipment, taken the measurements, and assembled your team of helpers, you can move on to packing the piano. When you begin, make sure that the keyboard lid is closed. Tape it with tape and ensure that it will not open during the move.

Upright piano

Upright Piano Moving

There is a difference in handling an upright piano and a grand piano. With an upright piano, you will not have to disassemble anything which makes the job slightly easier. Have all four people standing at each side of the piano, and by using ratchet stretches lift the piano carefully. When you lift it, place it on the piano dolly. Use the dolly to get the piano to the moving van.

Grand piano

Grand Piano Moving

When it comes to a grand piano, it is all about disassembling it. Again, have the four men stand on each side of the piano. Use the screwdriver to disassemble one leg of the piano. Once you do this, you will be able to lift the piano and place it on the piano skid board, but onwards. Legs of the piano should be facing the ceiling, and you will be able to easily detach them from the main part.
Cover each part of the piano in the moving blankets. Furthermore, use the tape to ensure that the moving blankets will not fall during the move. Carefully take the piano and its parts to the moving van.

When moving a piano, how to place it inside the moving van?

The piano should be the first thing that you load into the moving van or a truck. And it should also be the last thing that you take out of the van. Before you rent the van or a truck, make sure that it fits the dimensions of the piano. Do not place any heavy things on top of it, so that you can prevent any damage during the move. Secure the parts so they do not move.

Moving a piano is definitely not a piece of cake, but it is achievable. With the right organization and planning in advance and reliable moving service Brooklyn, you can move your piano safely to your new home. When you reach the final destination, let your piano adjust for a month. According to experts, you should wait for a month before tuning the instrument, so that it sounds just like new. Get your free estimate now and, of course, good luck!

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