Eco-friendly moving tips

In preparation for your move, you are searching for ways to be more efficient. You are searching for ways to make it as convenient as possible. You are searching for ways to stay on a budget. But what about the things you can do to make your moving eco-friendly? There are many tips from professional moving companies to help you make a smaller environmental impact. If you are concerned about how your move will affect the planet, there are a few steps to follow to make your move as green as possible.

Eco Friendly Moving Tips


Eco-Friendly Moving Tips:

Keep reading to get the best eco-friendly moving tips.


The first things you will need to start packing are packing boxes. In case you don’t have some already, normally you would purchase a sufficient amount and discard them afterward. But think twice before you do so if you want your move to be green. There are eco-friendly boxes that you can rent and bring them after your move is done. Some are made of recycled plastic and can be used over and over again. These boxes are durable and water-resistant so you can be sure your items are safe. It is a win-win situation for nature and your convenient move.

Choose a green moving company

Hire Rabbit Moving and Storage for Your Upcoming Green Moving

Did you know there are moving companies that commit to eco-friendly practices? For instance, they can set you up with reusable moving boxes and eco-friendly packing materials. They can offer a consolidated move and use GPS navigation that will help make fewer trips and choose the most efficient route. Green moving companies use biodiesel fuel for their trucks rather than traditional gas all of these practices mean making a smaller environmental impact. Choose a reputable NYC moving company that is committed to green moving like you. It is always good to have an ally, especially when fighting for a good cause.

Give away or sell

While researching the best ways to move, for sure you came along to one of the top tips−declutter. The reason for decluttering your home before moving is that you will bring to your new home only the belongings that you will use. Another reason is that it will save space when packing and avoid unnecessary clutter. Moving companies charge by a total load of your household items, so you will also save a few bucks if you have fewer items. If you want your move to be eco-friendly, a great thing to do is put everything to good use or recycle it. For sure there are things in your home that are just collecting dust. But you can donate those things to charity or you can make a yard sale and make some extra money.

Another thing to consider is to give some of the belongings to your friends, if you know they will use them and those items are not appealing to you.


Have you been to the nearby grocery store recently? Most of the stores get their supplies in cardboard boxes. Some of them are in good condition and can be used for your move. Try to reuse packing boxes instead of purchasing new ones. Ask your local stores if they can give boxes to you and you will make your move a bit greener by avoiding an excessive amount of cardboard. Getting them for free also means you will save some money on buying packing materials.

Get creative

If you want to avoid waste and use a limited amount of boxes, use everything that you have as a container. You can use bigger objects like carriers for smaller objects, for example, kitchen pot can be used as storage for other kitchen items. Go ahead and use all of the bags that you own including suitcases and duffle bags. This doesn’t only apply for containers, but for packing materials as well. Put everything to use, like kitchen cloths and newspapers. You can even use your clothes or towels to secure fragile items or make a cushion before packing them.

Pack wisely

One of the Most Important Eco-friendly Moving Tips is Packing Smart

If you don’t pack most efficiently, it will require more space in the moving vehicle. It means that you will probably pay more to your movers, but it will also be more damaging to the environment. The more trips you make back and forth, the more gas you will use. Often when planning a move, we oversee the amount of gas used for moving vehicles. That is another important factor to consider when searching for ways to make your moving process eco-friendly. So try to pack wisely and take up less space as in the moving truck. By doing so, you should be able to move everything in one trip and use way less gas that is damaging the atmosphere. If you are not sure how to pack smart, hiring professional packers will make the process of your move much easier.

Remember cutlery

While moving you need to be as efficient as possible, and you will search for ways to save time. But you will have to have a few meals on the way. Often people go for food delivery during the busy few days which comes with a plastic kit. Plastic cutlery is being thrown away after one use, which is definitely not eco-friendly. Ask your delivery to keep eating kit, and instead of using plastic, get you a camping-style kit that is reusable. You can keep it after the move is done and use it later on for picnics.

Stay green

You can do a few things to stay eco-friendly after you move into your new home. You will be left with some packing materials that you can sell back to your movers if they practice so. Also, you can ask your friends and neighbors to find out if any of them is planning to move any time soon. Once your move is completed you will know how much it means to have sufficient packing materials. You can even donate them to someone who needs it. Some websites allow you to offer used packing materials rather than taking space in your new residence.

Follow our eco-friendly moving tips to find the best ways to move to your new home in a much greener manner. Good luck!


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