Useful Tips for a Long Distance Move

Moving to a new state requires some skills like planning and organizing. It also requires some patience and problem solving because you have to get used to different surroundings and long travel. To help you plan better, we prepared some useful tips for a long distance move.

Break down the process into three groups:

  • New home tasks
  • Transportation tasks
  • Current home tasks

Now that you have these three sections, start with making a plan for each one. A handy checklist is the best way to stay organized and track your progress. Break down the moving process into smaller tasks to make them easy to complete and to avoid getting overwhelmed. Here are some of the steps you should include in your checklist:

Future home planning

Set a budget

Long Distance Moving Budget

If you don’t have a limit on your expenses, it can easily lead to excessive spending. One thing you want to avoid is overspending while making a new beginning. Always plan a budget before moving long-distance. It doesn’t have to a strict one, as long as you have a limit on it and a general idea of what your budget allows.

Choose a new state

Figure out your new destination. It’s great if you already have your heart set on the new city, but if you don’t, that’s fine also. To find a specific city or state, start with writing down your priorities to make the search easier. For example, priorities can be job searching, retirement, urban life-style, or quiet surrounding with a low crime rate. Depending on the lifestyle you are looking for, research which places might be the best fit. To give you an idea, NYC is a good fit for people who love fast-pace surrounding, San Francisco is good for people searching for a job in the high-tech industry, and so on. Before you settle on one state, visit its official website and forums where people write their reviews and impressions. It can tell you a lot about the local community and a certain place’s lifestyle. The imperative is to figure out which place you will call home so that you can proceed with planning the next steps.

Find a new residence

After you make a choice about the new destination, proceed to search for a place to stay. Consider renting or buying and explore internet ads to get an idea of options and costs. You can also move and find a place after that, just make sure that you book a place to stay until you find the perfect home. Keep in mind that searching for an apartment can be overwhelming, so consider hiring an estate agent to help you.

Determine dates for a long distance move

Determine Moving Date for a Long Distance Move

The more details you know, the easier it gets to plan a long-distance move. Think about a timeline you would like to follow and that your current situation allows. Many aspects vary depending on the season and the time of the month, such as availability of houses, moving agencies cost, and heavy traffic, etc. for instance, moving at the peak of the summer season is generally more expensive than moving in winter.

Transportation tasks

Hire a moving company for a long distance move or DIY

Long Distance Movers

Decide if you want to DIY or move with the help of professional movers. DIY can be done, even though it requires a lot of energy and organizing. If you choose this option, rent a moving truck and plan your journey in detail. Consider the distance and your readiness to drive a moving truck for an extended period. It is always more advisable to hire a moving company that has experience with cross country moves. It will save you a lot of nerves to let a professional handle the transportation and any potential issues along the way. Always choose trustworthy movers that have the necessary tools and knowledge to complete the complex task such as a long-distance move.

Book in advance long distance movers

Hiring services ahead of time is necessary because it will make the move more affordable. Consider everything that needs booking in advance, such as airplane tickets, new home rent, and moving company’s services. By doing so you will get the best price and you will be sure that you are getting exactly what you want. It gives you the option to choose rather than getting what is left available at the given moment. Additionally, moving companies can offer you better deals if you book in advance. Sometimes simply changing the date for a few days can make a difference in the price.

Get several estimates for your long distance move

Don’t quickly settle for the first moving company that you find online. Instead, get several price quotes to determine what suits you best. Also, don’t be too quick to pick the cheapest service, as it can lead to fraudulent movers or poor service. Do proper research when you are choosing a moving company and compare their prices, reviews, and services they are offering.

Storage unit

Storage Units

Don’t forget that your possessions might arrive earlier than your move-in date. Or perhaps you need a place for your belongings while searching for a new house. If this is the case, consider renting a storage unit to keep your household items safely until you can bring them to your home.

Current home tasks


Before you start packing everything that you own, do a home purge and get rid of anything you don’t need. You don’t want to bring clutter all the way to a new state. You can make a yard sale and sell items you no longer use or donate them to charity.


Packing Cardboard Boxes for Interstate Moving

Moving companies in Brooklyn base their prices depending on the overall weight of the load or the size it takes in the moving truck. For this reason, it is crucial to pack smartly and avoid unnecessary expenses. Before you pack, make a home inventory and include the value of each item. Get insurance to make sure you are covered in case anything gets damaged or broken along the way. You can also hire full-service movers and they will provide packing services.

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