Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Moving is always an exciting experience and a chance for a new beginning. But what happens when your new start is happening at the same time as the pandemic outbreak? Don’t panic, you can still move to your new home. The good news is that you don’t have to cancel. Keep your spirits high and be prepared for a possibly different outcome than originally planned. Follow these few tips for successful moving during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Stay safe

The most important thing during the COVID-19 pandemic is to protect yourself and those you are in contact with. To stay safe, keep social distance, wear a mask and gloves, wash hands frequently, and stay away from crowded areas as much as possible. Replace some of the meetings with virtual ones when you can.

Meet online

If you are selling or renting your place, gather information about it, and post it online. Take pictures of all rooms, entrance, include all details of your household. You can go one step further and make a video tour of your home. It will make it easier for interested people to get a better look at it without having to see it in person. It will save time and require fewer visits to your home. You will still have to meet with them later if they choose to move in or buy, but at least it will be fewer candidates.

If you are searching for a new place, follow the same routine, and only visit those homes that you are seriously considering. If pictures are not available, try to contact the owner and ask them to provide photos or videos. Furthermore, you can explore your new neighborhood virtually. Use apps on your phone or tablet to make a virtual visit and see how your new surroundings look like.

Get supplies

The Necessary Supplies for Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Gather plenty of supplies necessary for staying healthy, such as gloves, sanitizers, hand soaps, etc. If people are visiting your current home, make sure you take extra measures. Leave all the doors opened so they don’t have to touch doorknobs and check if utilities are available for them to wash hands upon arrival. Opt for disposable paper rather than cotton towels because you can throw it away easily after one use. Sanitize the entire home before the visit. Skip a handshake, rather greet them keeping your distance, for sure they will appreciate that.

Stay updated

It is crucial to stay updated by following news about the virus. Visit the official website of the World Health Organization (WHO). It will give you some insight into the general situation around the world. Stay aware of the fact that each state and city might have a different situation at the moment. Measures can vary and be highly individual, so the fact that your current city is doing well doesn’t necessarily mean that the city you are moving to is the same. Stay updated by following your state’s and city’s website where they provide information about the pandemic.

Check moving company’s measures

Most moving companies are taking extra precautionary measures to protect both parties. Give them a call and ask them how they are operating during the COVID outbreak. They should follow similar steps like you do−wearing masks, avoiding physical contacts, keeping the distance, etc. If you are hiring movers, make sure things are ready on your end. Prepare your home and your belongings for their visit by cleaning all the items that are being moved. If hiring full-service movers, they will also take care of the packing for you. In that case, you can still leave the doors open for them to avoid touching doors. Sanitize surfaces they need to touch and provide washing facilities for them to be able to wash hands. You can place a couple of hand sanitizers through your home as well.

Get an online estimate

Contact several movers to get an idea of the moving cost before you hire the right one. All reputable movers will visit your home to provide an onsite estimate. They must see your home to be able to tell the correct price. However, considering the Corona virus outbreak, it might be smarter to get an online estimate instead. Basically, you can guide a company’s representative through your home over a video call. After you get your online estimates, arrange with movers you choose to make a physical inspection. That will help you avoid multiple movers visiting your home and limit social contacts.

Book in advance

Check for cancellation policies when making travel arrangements. If possible, book way ahead to get a better deal and to be sure your date is available. The same goes for hiring movers, ask them what happens if your plans get canceled. You want to be covered in case anything unplanned happens and get your money back or another date.

Stay patient

Even though most moving companies are working, keep in mind their operations might run a bit slower than usual due to the circumstances we are all dealing with since the COVID-19 pandemic began. They will keep you posted if anything changes, but stay flexible during the process. Why is this important? Because relocation can easily become a stressful experience and you want to remain calm when making such a big step. It is important that you stay patient. Your plans might get delayed, or even canceled. If you are moving to another state, you will have to book a flight or ride to get there. Nowadays, flights and all sorts of transports are being canceled without much notice, and even borders are getting closed and opened depending on the situation.

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