A Step-By-Step DIY Moving Guide

Most people decide to hire professional moving services when relocating. It is more convenient and safer to leave the job to the pros. On the other hand, some folks prefer to handle things themselves. It is possible? The answer is yes. It does require planning and organizing, and a great amount of effort, but it can be done. With a few helping hands and patience, it can be accomplished. Keep reading to find a DIY moving guide.

Make a plan for your DIY moving

Start Planning Your DIY Moving

When you decide to DIY move, make a plan about the execution of the process. You will have to transport your household items to a new home. Chances are you will need a big truck, although it depends on the size of your household. It also depends on the number of trips you are willing to take back and forth. Some people are really conscious about the environment, so they prefer to take fewer trips back and forth to reduce the amount of fuel and reduce the impact it makes. It can also be more affordable to save money for gas. Some of the options to execute the move are:

Rent a moving truck


This option is the most convenient in case you possess some very large or heavy items that take a lot of space. The moving truck will most likely be enough to transport everything in only one trip. One thing to pay attention to is your willingness to drive such a large vehicle as a moving truck.

A container service

This is a great option in case your move-out date is earlier than your move-in date. If that is the case, you will need a place to store your items somewhere until the new home is ready. It might not be the best choice if you want your things delivered at a very specific location, but on the other hand, you can transport them from the container over the span of few days which gives you a certain freedom.

A pickup truck

The size of your household might be small and require less space than a moving truck. Or maybe you are willing to take several trips to accomplish moving everything. If any of your friends own a pickup truck you can ask them to borrow it and stay on budget by avoiding renting expenses.

DIY moving partially

If you don’t feel like driving, you can opt for moving company services. Do one part of the moving by yourself, such as packing and carrying, and hire movers only for transporting your items. If you are moving antiques or any extremely large items, you can also hire movers for specific services, such as antique movers NYC, piano movers or art movers NYC.

Gather supplies

Packing Cardboard Boxes for DIY Moving

Before you start packing, make sure you have enough packing supplies. Start from collection packing boxes than can be cardboard or plastic. If you are on a budget, go ahead and visit one of your local grocery stores and ask them to give you some after their delivery day. Some of those boxes will be in shape good enough. You can also purchase new cardboard moving boxes online, or ask some of your friends that moved recently if they kept a few. If you want to be eco-friendly, there are options as well. Check out green boxes that are made of recycled plastic. They are sturdy and convenient to use because you can bring them back after the move without thinking about recycling.

Once you get a sufficient amount of boxes, stock up on bubble wrap, packing paper, scissors, tape, markers, etc. Packing supplies are not the only supplies you need. If you are transporting DIY, you will also need some equipment for moving. Consider getting a 4 wheel dolly, furniture pads and blankets, extra straps, etc. Try to avoid carrying if you can use wheels to move items.

Start early

Begin packing in advance to leave enough time and avoid panicking when he moving day arrives. Focus on one room at the time to avoid getting overwhelmed. At least two weeks is generally considered to be enough time to complete packing, but plan according to the size of your home.

Make inventory

Home Inventory List

Grab a pan and paper and make a home inventory. You can also download an inventory app for your phone or tablet for free. It will help you stay organized, have a good overview of your household, and make unpacking way faster. Take pictures along the way if some items need dissembling/reassembling. Electronic components need to be unplugged and plugged back in after you move in, so pictures will help you see what belongs to which device. Besides having a good look at your belongings, don’t forget as well to label the boxes. Once you know what each box contains, it will be easy to unpack quickly.

Make a yard sale

Pre-Move Garage Sale

It is always advisable to declutter your home before the DIY move. Go through all of your things and get rid of anything you haven’t used in a long time. For sure there are some items that are no longer appealing to you and all they do is collect dust. Sell them in a yard sale and make a few extra bucks that you can use for moving expenses. If you don’t like the idea of selling your stuff, go ahead and donate to the charity.

Get help

DIY doesn’t mean that you have to do absolutely everything on your own. A few helping hands are what everyone needs when relocating. Ask your close friends or relatives to assist you with one part of the moving process. It can be packing, carrying, driving, whatever they are willing to help with. Just make sure to pay them back by taking them out for dinner, grabbing drinks, or whatever they would appreciate and enjoy.
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