How To Pack Glassware for Moving

Moving can be perceived as a process in which you need to learn how to pack various types of items for transport. Luckily, packing is not that hard, especially packing glassware, as you will soon find out. The only thing that matters is that you have enough patience and packing material. And, if you do not have enough time to carefully pack your glassware, you can always turn to professionals that have years of experience in this business. Remember that soon you will be drinking out of your favorite glasses in your new kitchen and enjoy yourself. Let us now see how to properly pack glassware for moving.

Gather the packing material

As we already mentioned, it is imperative that you have enough packing material for glassware. During transport, these items will go back and forth which can cause damage, so it is vital that we do this properly. You have two options when it comes to obtaining the packing material. The first option is that you go to the improvement store or DIY store and buy all the packing material. The second and much cheaper option is to use the items you already have to aid you with packing glassware. Here is what you will need:

  • Moving boxes – Use medium-sized moving boxes for this occasion. If possible, go to a wine store and ask them to give you the boxes that have dividers inside. This will protect the glassware even more.
  • Packing paper – Buy a roll of packing paper, or simply use old newspaper. For this occasion, you can use towels and sheets, new or old. What matters is that the materials provide enough cushioning so that the glassware does not get damaged during transport.
  • Bubble wrap – This piece of the packing material is very useful, but can be rather expensive. You can use towels here as well.
  • Duct tape – When you finish packing, the duct tape will make sure that the box does not open during the relocation.
  • Permanent marker – Labeling the box is vital in preserving your favorite wine glasses, coffee mugs, and other glassware.

Start to pack glassware

Pack Glassware

Gather all the glassware that you want to move and place them on a flat, hard surface. Ideally, you should place them on the dining table. This will give you an idea of hum many items you need to pack. On one side of the table roll the packing paper, or newspaper if you have any. Use one glass at a time, and position them on the bottom of the paper. Start rolling the glass, covering it with paper. When you finish, stuff the ends of the paper into the glass opening. Repeat this with all the glassware you have.

You can also double pack the glasses if the packing paper is large enough. If you have glasses that came from the same set, feel free to pack two at a time. Roll one glass to the half of the paper, and then start rolling the other glass on the different end. The important thing is that when you finish wrapping the glasses, single or double, you should not see glass at all. If necessary use a double layer of packing paper.
Note: Wine glasses usually have stems. The procedure for packing wine glasses is the same in essence, you will just need to roll the stems first and then move on to the body of the glass. You will also end by stuffing the ends of the paper into the glass opening.

Prepare the moving box

As we previously mentioned, it is best to use a medium-size box for packing and transporting glassware. Never leave the bottom of the box empty. In order to prevent damage to your glassware, it is vital that you cushion the bottom of the box. Place a lot of crumpled newspaper or towels at the bottom. Only then you should start with placing the glasses.

Fill up the box

Start filling up the box by placing the heaviest and sturdiest glasses on the bottom. The most fragile glasses should always be at the top of the box. Place one glass at the time, and add paper to fill up the space between two adjacent glasses. Make sure that you do not overfill the box so that the glasses do not crush each other. Once you reach the top of the box, you should leave enough space to cushion the top as well. Approximately the same amount of paper should be used at the bottom and the top.

How will you know that you packed the box with glassware perfectly? Gently rattle the box and listen for any clinking sound. If the glassware is moving so that you can hear the noise, the box needs more protection. If you cannot hear any sound, the box is ready for transport.

Tape and label the box

When You Pack Glassware, Label Boxes 'Fragile'

We have almost reached the end of the packing process. Close the box, and tape it with the duct tape. This will prevent the box from opening during transport. As soon as you tape the box, get your permanent marker, and label the box. Write the word `Fragile` on it in big letters, as well as the content of the box. This will prevent any accidental damage, as you and your movers will know that the box contains fragile items and should be carried gently.

Hire the professionals to pack glassware

Although this packing process is fairly easy to learn and apply, sometimes we simply do not have time for everything. If you want to spend more time planning the move or simply spending some quality time with your family, hire the professionals – one of the cheap moving companies in Brooklyn NY. They will help you pack everything perfectly, but most importantly all of your items will have insurance. So, in case of damage, you will be able to get some of the money back.

Hire Professionals to Pack Glassware for You

We have seen how you can pack glassware for moving. The trick is to be patient, and careful in order not to damage any item. It will be enough that you set aside a few hours, play your favorite music, and begin the process of packing. Good luck!

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