How to Choose the Best Brooklyn Movers

New York City gives you so many options to choose from, that you might end up not knowing what exactly to go for. Sometimes even choosing the best place to eat can turn into a few hours of research. Especially when making a big step such as moving house, you want to make sure that you make the right choice and find reliable movers. How can you choose between so many moving companies and be sure that you are paying for a reliable one? Luckily, there are several things you can do and have a peace of mind that your movers know how to handle your relocation. Keep on reading to find out how to choose the best Brooklyn Movers.

Get online and research

Before you get in touch with a moving company, narrow down your choices to several potential ones in your area. Begin with doing proper research on the internet. There are several things that will help you do check whether movers are trustworthy or not. Here are some of them:


No matter if you are moving just to another neighborhood, or to a new country, you should always opt for a reputable moving company. Check if they have credentials and if they are a registered member of organizations that are known for protecting consumers. Most of those organizations require a vetting process before approving any company, and they are updating their information to stay up to date. Consider the US Department’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the Better Business Bureau. If your movers are a member, you are on a good track to finding the best Brooklyn movers for your upcoming move.

Customer’s reviews

Always Check Online Reviews for Your Brooklyn Movers before You Hire Them

Nowadays, it is common to leave your review and share your experience after you get any service. That’s especially important when you engage with a moving company and you have successfully completed the relocation. By reading through the reviews, you can get a general idea about how movers run their business. Don’t get discouraged if you stumble upon one or two bad comments, because it doesn’t have to mean that their service is poor. But do pay attention to what those complaints were about, and how did the moving company respond. Did they engage and did they want to resolve the issue is what you should be looking at. Another way to go is to read through the comments that are relevant to your situation. For example, if you are moving a big household to another country, search for long-distance move comments. When you check how they performed specific tasks in the past, you can decide if they suit your needs or not.

Ask friends about Brooklyn movers

Recommendation from a friend or acquaintance can easily be the end of your search for the best Brooklyn movers. Think how many times you were searching for something, and a simple word from a person you know solved it. If you know someone who moved recently, don’t be shy but go ahead and ask them which movers have they hired and how were their impressions about the overall service. You can also spread a word that you are eyeing to hire movers at your job and through your neighborhood. Sometimes one good personal recommendation can change dozens of positive comments online.

Obtain multiple quotes

Long Distance Moving Budget

Once you have narrowed down the potential choices to several movers, it’s time to decide which budget works best for you. Contact all of the moving companies that you are considering to hire and ask for a free moving quote. That will give you a general idea about the average moving cost, and help you set a budget. It doesn’t have to be a completely precise one, but you should have a certain limit. After you compare quotes, don’t settle too quickly on the cheapest one. Sometimes, especially in such a big city like NYC, an extremely low price can be a sign of a fraudulent moving company or an indication of poor service. Rather search for a medium price, and for a company that offers services exactly suitable to your needs.

Check how Brooklyn movers treat you

Contact the moving company to speak to the representative. Prepare some questions in advance and see how they respond to you. Your best Brooklyn movers should have great customer service and be open to answering your questions and concerns. Some of the questions you can ask them are:

  • Do they provide packing materials, and how much does it cost?
  • How soon can they arrive at your destination?
  • What happens if your items get damaged during the move?
  • Do they offer packing services? If yes, how will they pack fragile items like mirrors and paintings?
  • Which services are included in the cost?
  • How many moving vehicles do they have and how large are those?
  • Will they visit your home to provide a precise quote?
  • Which precaution measures are they taking to protect from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Things to expect from your best Brooklyn movers

Before you make your final choice, go through this list and check whether your movers meet all of the expectations written bellow. If they don’t, keep searching for the right one.

  • Experience for several years
  • Offering an onsite and online moving quote
  • A proper license and insurance
  • A well-trained and professional team
  • Good customer service and responsiveness to your needs
  • Proper paperwork, a contract
  • They should arrive on time
  • They should offer storage unit for rent in case you need it

Professional Brooklyn Movers Unloading a Moving Van

Your search for best Brooklyn movers might end just right here. Rabbit Moving and Storage is a Brooklyn based moving company that has experience and expertise in all sorts of moves. If you hire Rabbit movers you can rest assured that you are getting one of the best services in NYC. Furthermore, you support an artist because our company is supporting and supported by its collective of NYC artists. Contact us anytime to get a free price quote and get your best Brooklyn movers.

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