10 Ways to Reduce Stress During a Move

What is the first thought that crosses your mind when you think about your new home? Chances are that it is an image of a beautiful morning, you are drinking coffee in your perfect apartment, thinking how happy you are and how everything is finally in the right place. After the rain, the sun is always coming, that is true. But before you move to another home, there is some hectic time which may be stressful for you, but no need to panic. Here are some tips to help you to go through these moments easier. Keep on reading to learn about 11 ways to reduce stress during a move.

Stress is your body response to some non-pleasant situations, which will release in your body stress hormone-cortisol. During a move, there are a lot of circumstances that can make you feeling frazzled or overwhelming. It is time to take action and bring balance to your life.

Eat well and do not skip meals

This is a common scenario during moving days. We are trying to make things easier and grab some fast food to make our stomach full, but forgetting that our body needs vitamins, minerals, and water to pass these stressful times.

Get enough sleep

Moving can get a lot from you physically and mentally. If you do not have enough rest during a night (and day too!), your body will suffer and will give you just extra tension where you will feel more irritable during a day. Allow yourself enough sleep to recharge every night, and you will feel more energized and with less stress.

Play music

Put your favorite songs on and it can make everything go much smoother. Everything is getting better when you have a good music playlist, right?

Give yourself time

It might not seem like that at first, but relocation from one place to another requires more time for preparation and planning. That’s because there are many small details you should pay attention to before movers come to take your valuables. For that reason, give yourself enough time to get ready, optional time is 4-5 weeks, but this is one excellent way to avoid stress during a moving adventure.

 Get organized

Making a plan is a perfect way to stay on track during this turbulent time. Begin with small projects, which mean to do one by one room (from the attic to the basement). At the same time, make an inventory list, label your boxes with details of what is inside the box, and which place they should go. Writing all this will save you time later when movers come with your shipment and start to unpack.

Protect your high-value items

Losing your high-value items may cause enormous stress. Stuff with sentimental value, unfortunately, we cannot replace. But the good news is with the material- we can. To prevent this situation, always make an inventory list. For that reason, write details like name of the item, description, SKU or serial number, price, quantity, and always take photos of high-value items. In case of any damage, loss during a move or after, having an accurate inventory list will help you to claim insurance too.

Get rid of the clutter

Clutter is creating stress, and one of the most demanding things during packing is decluttering your home. There are two methods of how to declutter stuff- 12 months rule or the see-donate-toss stack.

  •  The sell-donate-toss stack: It is a simple method to reduce items and do not require much preparation at all. Make three piles where will stuff things you do not need anymore, and every stack will have a specific purpose: to sell, to donate, or throw.
  • “12 months rule” is simple and it means that every item that you haven’t used in the last 12 months you can eliminate from your wardrobe. When separating all stuff that you do not need anymore, take photos of them and post on sites for sale as Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, if you prefer more online sales, or you can make garage sale too.
  • Donate: If you do not want to sell your stuff and get some extra cash, you can donate to the people who need it the most in a charity center.
  • Throw away: Everything that is damaged or torn- throw it, or you can keep it for protecting other stuff (artwork, TV, electronics, etc.) during a move.

Prepare the boxes and other supplies you need and avoid unnecessary stress

Packing Cardboard Boxes for Interstate Moving

Preparing boxes and other packing and moving supplies is equally as important as everything else. Therefore, start to collect them on time. For example, you can find cardboard boxes in every store, liquor shop, and pharmacy in a lot of different sizes. Also, packing paper, bubble wrap, moving blankets, marking pens, labels, garbage bags are part of the supplies that you will need for sure.

Ask your friends or relative to help you

There is no need to feel shame, everyone at least once was moving to another location or town. Go ahead and ask your family members, relatives, or friends to help you with packing and moving. On the other hand, this may be a marvelous opportunity to be together one more time and make new precious moments with your closest people. Call your friends and family members, buy some refreshments, play some good music, and get the party started!

Hire a moving company

Hire Reliable Brooklyn Movers

Cheap moving companies in Brooklyn NY are always a good option when you are too busy with your work or daily activities. They will help you with packing, moving-especially, if you have a lot of art, furniture, fragile items, etc. Before hiring a moving company, check their reviews, quotes, and comments from previous customers to see their reputation. Today a lot of scams are present on the internet with fake offers and promises, and as a result, you can end up with more stress instead of less. If you are looking for a trustworthy moving company with professional and reliable workers, Rabbit Movers are here for you.

Make a party before you say goodbye to your old places

Call your friends, go out for dinner with them, and take a walk through your favorite streets, places. One more time feels that senses you love, and be happy because small things are making memories.

Avoid stress completely, and leave the entire move to the professionals. Rabbit Movers will pack and relocate your household, so you can relax and arrive at your new address conveniently. Contact us today to get a moving quote.

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