Moving Boxes Buying Guide

Moving boxes are a major part of the moving process. You will be packing most of your items inside them. Heavy, small, large, fragile, or not, you name it and it will fit inside the moving box. That is why you should be equipped with high-quality moving boxes. Another very important thing you should have in mind when buying the moving boxes is what should go into each moving box. We have designed this simple moving box buying guide that will help you tremendously to pick the best moving boxes for your relocation.

Packed Moving Boxes

What types of moving boxes exist?

Before you head off to a store or order boxes online, you should be aware of the moving box types. Once you know what is out there, you will be able to buy the best items that will suit your needs perfectly. Here are the moving box types:

Small moving boxes

These moving boxes are just perfect for relocating heavier items inside them. You can place toys, figurines, glasses, books, and other items in them.

Medium moving boxes

Again, they are good for relocating heavier items. You can relocate smaller kitchen appliances inside them, books, souvenirs, lamps, etc.

Large moving boxes

The larger the moving box is, the less should the weight of the items be. So, larger moving boxes are ideal for relocating lighter items. These items include clothes, pillows, blankets, linen, towels, etc. You will be able to place a lot of things in them, and yet manage to get them down the stairs easily.

Mirror moving boxes

You don`t have to worry about fitting your large mirror into a regular box. You will be able to buy the mirror box in an appropriate size and relocate your mirrors safely.

Mattress boxes

A good mattress is a foundation of healthy sleep. So, relocating your mattress makes sense, and so do mattress moving boxes. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you don`t have to worry. Whether you want to relocate a crib, twin, single, or king mattress you will be able to find the right box.

Custom moving boxes

If you happen to need custom moving boxes, for moving antiques or other items of an odd shape, you can ask your moving company to provide it for you.

Preparing Antique Sofa for Moving

Dish moving boxes and liquor moving boxes

There boxes come in with cell dividers, which make the best protection of your dishes and bottles.

Where can you get moving boxes for free?

There are plenty of great places where you can buy moving boxes (and we will mention them soon), but know that you can get some moving boxes for free as well.

The Pile of Moving Boxes

Your friends and family members

If you have some friends and family members who have recently moved, great. They will be happy to give you their leftover moving boxes. Just make sure to get the ones that are in the best condition.

Grocery and liquor stores

Just head over to the nearest grocery and liquor stores and ask them for some moving boxes. They have plenty of boxes that they basically do not need, and will be happy to give to you. Again, don`t take the boxes that seem worn out, or that are not clean.

Local business or your own office

If you are working in an office, you probably have several moving boxes just laying around. Don`t be shy, just take the ones that you want for your needs. If you don`t have moving boxes available, knock on the doors of smaller businesses in your vicinity.

The Craigslist

This platform is perfect for both buying and getting free moving boxes. Just go to the section Free, and search for moving boxes.

Where can you buy the best moving boxes for your relocation?

Since you may not get everything that you need from your family members and Craigslist, you should buy the rest of the moving boxes. Nowadays, you can simply order what you want, or head of to the store directly, whatever works best for you.

Your moving company

If you hire a moving company to pack your items, they will provide you with the moving boxes. This is the most efficient way to get the best moving boxes for your needs. Experienced movers NYC will conclude exactly how many moving boxes do you need, and also their shape and size.

Movers Unloading Moving Boxes from the Moving Van


If you don`t want to leave your house just yet, you can simply order what you want. Amazon will deliver and will deliver fast. Choose the shape and size, as well as the number of moving boxes that you need, and wait for the delivery.


Walmart has many, many stores throughout the country, so we know there is one open near you. It is a huge plus that they are open 24/7 as well. So, if you need additional moving boxes at 11 pm, there is no need to worry. You will be able to get everything that you need right here.

Don`t forget to label your moving boxes after you pack them

Even if you have the best moving boxes in the world, it is labeling that guarantees your items will remain undamaged. That is why you should always label the moving boxes as soon as you pack them. You can do this with a high-quality permanent marker, or with labels downloaded from the Internet.

Labeling Moving Boxes

Great moving boxes will make your relocation easier

Before you take or buy any moving box, make sure to determine exactly what you need. There is no reason to buy more than you need, but if you do, you can always sell or recycle them. Get only the best for your items, because you would not relocate them if you really do not need them. So, make your relocation easier and safer by buying the perfect moving boxes for your needs. Good luck!

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