The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Changing a location is never a simple job. Even when you think that all the work is simple and will be over fast, you may be wrong and end up in enormous stress. To protect yourself from these unpleasant emotions, start planning your move on time. Here are some tips and the ultimate moving checklist that may help you with it.

Check out your new place or do research

Before you move to your new residence, definitely the best way to get familiar with your new living place is to go and visit it. Take a tour of your future city or buy a guide book before you go to discover new places. Check your new apartment, neighborhood. Check a strategic location, like a police station, a hospital, a school, or universities, how far they are from your home and how much time need to reach them. If you do not have enough time to visit a new place, you can always check online on the Google earth page.

Organize your budget

Organizing a Budget for a Move

Calculating expense is a significant part you should do before planning, organizing, or hiring a moving agency. Generally speaking, moving can be expensive, and the price will be higher if you are moving to another state, across the country, or upon of weight of your stuff. Therefore, write all your upcoming expenses on the piece of paper, and add at least 10% on a total amount to be ready if something surprising shows up.


Making a plan of action will help you in many ways during a moving operation. Plus, this will be a reminder of how you will not forget some essential information and details in these times. When beginning to make a plan for your relocation, the most needful thing is time. Approximately for the whole moving operation, you will need 4 to 6 weeks to finish. You can create a checklist in pdf version or on a piece of paper, whatever is more suitable for you.

Engage a moving company

A Man is Checking Moving Companies Reviews Online

Discovering a respectable and trustworthy moving and storage in Brooklyn requires research and time. For that reason, do not wait until last week to start with this stage. When you are searching for moving companies, check the review from previous customers because their experience can tell you a lot about customer service and the professional performance of the particular company. Before you hire a company, always contact 3-5 different companies to obtain a quote. Every company has their estimator who will come and check the size and weight of your possessions. In these days of the pandemic, moving companies can check the size of your stuff online too. After checking, they will tell you approximately the charge of their services. Always take more precautions if movers give you a quote without previous checking. In this case, you should consider other options because there is a chance to be involved in fraud.

Decluttering of your stuff

Before packing, organize, and sort out stuff that you will not take with you to your new home. The best method to declutter your items is to go room by room (do not jump around) and start from the top floor to the ground floor. Take everything out and begin to arrange possessions into three piles. Using this method is an ideal solution for items that you do not need anymore, and you would like to sell, throw, or donate them.

Time for packing

With this stage, you should start 2 to 3 weeks before moving day. First, you can begin by packing non-essential things to make your work easier. However, time is getting closer, so continue packing essential items that you do not need anymore slowly. Also, before you start filing the boxes, you should prepare empty boxes, labels, tape, and other supplies that you will need for packing. You can purchase supplies that are necessary for packing in every department, electronic, liquor store, or online on famous sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. One more significant point in this stage is an inventory list.

Home Inventory List is One of the Important Things on Your Moving Checklist

Making a home inventory list of your high-value items is also part of this phase. Every inventory list should have details like item name (and description too), the item number (SKU number or serial number), item cost (approximate value of item or receipt), quantity, and photos of your high-value items. An inventory list is proof of your property in case of any damage or loss during transportation, which will help you to claim your insurance if it is needed.

Schedule utilities to be turned off in the old home and provide for a new one

Maybe you do not have to bother about it if your property owner takes care of these things. Nevertheless, if this does not happen, you will need to think for both sides- to notify the previous utility company, and cancel their services from your old apartment, and to arrange for your new one.

Change your mail address and establish your new residence

Today the possibility of using online services is making our life so much easier than before. Speaking of changing your mail address, with USPS, that will be a piece of cake. Visit their site for more details and, you can choose different paying plans per month too, and which options you would like to include in your fee. The monthly plan is starting from $1 to $20, where you can select the best arrangements for your budget. When you reach your new town or state, you should verify your new residence. The main reason why this is so important is because of tax and vote purposes.

If you do not establish a new legal home, there is a possibility of end-up owning taxes in more than one state and be in huge problems with the law. Every state and country has different guidelines about this question. Thereby, it will be better to check their website for more details or to call and ask directly.

Moving to another town, state, or country requires a lot of work and planning. Therefore, if you need any further support, our fine art movers NYC here to assist you with their exceptional customer service and professional staff in every situation.

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