9 Things to Do After Moving

You’ve probably created a moving checklist before relocation, but how about a post-move checklist? After most of your moving-related tasks are done and you’re getting comfortable at your new address, there are a few more things to take care of before you call it a day. To make sure you settle in as soon as possible, follow the simple steps we prepared for you in this text. Keep on reading to learn about 10 things to do after moving.

List of things to do after the move

Make the best floor plan

The first thing to do after you relocate is to adjust the layout based on your habits and preferences. Arranging the furniture will make the space feel more personal. It will allow for the next step on your after-the-move checklist. If you have helpers, you can move furniture pieces around until you find the layout you like best. You can also use some of the free online tools to create a functional floor plan before taking any action. Don’t be worried if you don’t find the best option straight away because once the house is yours. You’ll have all the time you want to make that perfect layout.

Unpack and organize

The next thing to do after you move is probably the most time-consuming one. It’s unpacking everything from moving boxes and sorting your belongings out. While you may want to relax and just hang around after relocation. But, keep in mind that as soon as you start unpacking, the sooner you’ll enjoy your new home. So don’t delay this step and unpack efficiently after the moving is over. The trick to stay on track is to be strategic and unpack one section at a time. Unpack one box at a time or focus only on one area. Don’t proceed to the next one until you’re through with a specific box. Taking small steps will help you feel that you accomplished something. This way you’ll avoid being trapped among a huge pile of unorganized items.

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The same goes for sorting out and organizing. Progress slowly and organize bit by bit. As you unpack a specific item, put it in its designated area straight away. This is better than waiting for a better time. It’s best if you sort out each item as soon as it’s out of the box. Having small sections of your home organized will motivate you to keep going. Start with your favorite items and those you use the most. Then, progress to belongings you don’t like as much or don’t use as often.

Go back to your inventory

You should make a home inventory list when moving. After you are done with moving, use the home inventory list you made before moving to make sure everything is moved and in an unchanged condition. The reason to go back to your inventory is that you may need proof in case you need to follow the next step.

File a claim

If you hired professional moving services and some of your household belongings weren’t delivered or got damaged during transit, you’ll have to submit a claim. In general, you’ll have a few months after moving to do so, but it’s better if you do it straight away. Always check the contract you signed with movers to confirm how long you have to file a claim for your lost or damaged items.

Get comfy

Now that you have all the boring things taken care of, you can take a look at your new space and start making it comfy and cozy. Find some décor pieces that represent your style and incorporate pieces with emotional value to your home. Making the space feel your own will help you love a new house and it will help you adapt to new surroundings faster. One important part of making a house feel cozy is cleaning it, so get those cleaning supplies and make your home shine. If you’re too busy or don’t like cleaning, you can simply hire professional cleaning services and they’ll make your house sparkle before you know it.

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Test smoke alarms

Besides having your house clean and personalized, you also want it to be safe. One of the things to include in your checklist is checking if smoke detectors are working. It’s on you to check if everything around the house is in fully working order. Go ahead and check smoke alarms, fixtures, taps, etc. Schedule for repairs as soon as possible if something requires fixing or replacing.

Gather all receipts

Whenever you’re moving home, you should keep all the receipts and gather them in one place after your relocation is done. The reason for gathering receipts is because you may be reimbursed for some or even all of them. For example, if you’re moving to another state for work and you have to pay a lot of money for moving, your new employer may be willing to cover one part of the cost or even pay for all the moving company’s services. Having your expenses document is usually also beneficial when it comes to paying taxes.

Create an emergency contact list

Find all the important numbers in your new area and create an emergency contact list. It should include the numbers of your nearest hospital, police station, fire department, etc. You should also include a person that may help you in case of emergency – it can be your landlord, your first neighbor, a colleague, or anyone else you can count on in case you need help.

An emergency contact list

Get familiar

Eventually, don’t forget to enjoy your new home. Walk around and explore your new neighborhood, get familiar with people, amenities, and pleasant places that will make your new home more enjoyable. Even though tasks like unpacking and gathering receipts are important, settling in and feeling at home is an equally important thing.

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