How to Choose Your Moving Date?

Planning relocation is never easy especially if you’re moving long-distance or have deadlines you must meet. Moving can also get really expensive so people look for different ways to cut costs. Things get even more complicated if you’re moving long-distance with kids. You may need to adjust the entire plan depending on that. If you have a tenancy agreement, that will also affect your moving schedule, but even less so compared to buying and selling a property. The time of the year is another thing to consider because peak season may be too busy or too pricey so you’ll want to consider the winter months instead. With all this in mind, you may wonder how to choose your moving date.

If you’re not sure about when the best time to move is, worry not, because in the following text we’ll share some handy tips to help you choose the best moving date.

Choose Your Moving Date

How to Choose Your Moving Date?

No matter how good you’re at keeping your cool, planning relocation can get really stressful because there are so many different tasks to take care of. In order to keep stress at minimum levels on your moving day, you should do as much planning and organizing as you can before the day comes. Choosing the best date for your relocation is one of the things that will make your move more efficient, affordable, and smooth. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing your moving date.

Tenancy agreement

If you’re on a tenancy agreement you’ll naturally have to look into the lease and make sure you’re compliant. The contract most likely contains some of the things you must do before moving out of a rented property. It will also include the info about how much time in advance you have to notify your landlord about leaving. Therefore, you’ll have to calculate how much time you have until it’s possible to move and that will significantly affect your moving date.

Selling and buying

If you’re not renting but you’re selling your current home, you’ll have more tasks to take care of and you’ll need more time to organize everything. You’re probably buying a new house which makes the whole process even more complicated. Considering that there will be multiple sides involved in these processes, you must agree on a moving date after all the money transactions are completed.

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Moving for work

Another important thing to consider when choosing the best moving date is whether you’re moving for work. If you found a new job and you’re expected to start working on a specific date, then you’ll have to organize your relocation according to that date. On the other hand, your company may be flexible with dates if they’re sending you elsewhere, so the best moving date will depend on the situation. If possible, negotiate with your employer to arrange for a date that works for both parties.

Moving with family

The last important thing to consider when choosing a moving date is whether you’re moving with your family. Moving with teenagers or kids is never easy. They will have to adjust to a new home and new school so you may want to make it easier on them and move during summer break. That will not disrupt their schedule as much as moving in the middle of a school year would. On the other hand, summer moves are also the most expensive ones, so you may need to keep on reading and figure out when is the cheapest time to move.

Moving With Family

The best season to move

In general, peak season is the most expensive time to move because demand is high and moving companies are extremely busy and booked in advance. The peak season lasts from early spring to late summer and this may be the best time for families with children. However, this is not the best time to move if you’re on a budget, in which case you’ll want to consider moving during the winter or off-season dates.

The best month to move

After you’ve picked the season, you can go ahead and look into the best months for moving. Again, this depends on all the factors we’ve mentioned earlier. If you’re looking for the cheapest month, January is usually your best bet. That’s because winter is not so favorite when it comes to relocation simply because weather conditions make the process more complicated. Also, any month between September and January is usually more affordable because it’s considered off-season.

The best week to move

Besides choosing the best season and month, you should also consider the week when looking for the best moving date. That’s because the first and last week of the month are the busiest for movers so this fact may come in handy if you’re flexible with dates and want to save money. The middle of the month is the least busy and the most affordable week to move.

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The best day to move

This doesn’t come as a surprise considering that weekend moves are naturally busier and pricier than moves during the working week. Therefore, you’ll want to communicate with your movers and figure out what’s the best day of the week for your specific move. Sometimes, you’ll save money simply by adjusting your schedule for a day or two.

The best time of the day to move

The last thing you should take into account when choosing the best date is the time of the day. Since most people move early in the morning to make the best out of their moving day, you may want to join the trend or do a completely opposite thing. Evening moves are more affordable so you can decide whether this cost-effective option is better depending on your situation.


If you’re still not sure about how to choose your moving date, go ahead and ask a reliable Brooklyn moving and storage company. Here, at Rabbit Movers, we’re happy to answer all your questions. Reach out to us via phone or email so we would chat about your move and find the best time for your relocation together.

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