Tips for Moving Oversized Items With Ease

Unless you’re a professional mover you may find moving oversized items challenging but you should know that it’s nothing to worry about if you have proper tools, a few helping hands, and some tips from professionals. Of course, you can go straight to your local moving company and let them move your bulky objects but if that’s not possible or you just prefer to do DIY for any reason, this guide should give you all the needed info for a successful move.

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Keep in mind that you should have at least one helper – it can be a friend but you can also choose moving labor and pay an hourly rate. The reason why you shouldn’t move bulky items completely alone is that you want to do the job safely and avoid injuries – just imagine lifting a huge appliance on your own and you’ll get the idea. If you’re about to relocate and you’re not sure how exactly to handle those bulky possessions, we got your back. Carry on reading to find our top tips for moving oversized items with ease.

Have at least one helper

Even if you decide to go for a DIY move, you still must have at least one helper for moving oversized items. If you can find a friend who’s free on that date, that’s perfect, but if not – that’s fine as well. What you can do in that case is reach out to a moving labor company in your area and get as many helping hands as you need for a couple of hours. You’ll be charged an hourly rate so you won’t have to worry about paying the entire day of services when you can accomplish it all in an hour or two.

The reason why you should never attempt to move large and bulky items completely alone is that you’re likely to end up with injuries and that’s certainly not something you want. You will have to lift, push, pull, or maybe even carry a heavy object down the stairs so at least one helper is an absolute must for a successful move.

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Have a game plan when moving oversized items

When it comes to moving, you want to work smart and not hard, so create a plan in advance to find ways to cut corners. Measuring the space and the object will tell you if you can fit through the doors or you have to remove them – this will save you time and maybe even money if you’re paying for moving labor services that charge by the hour. Then, read the manual because it will likely have some useful info that will help you learn how to move your oversized item properly – it may have the disassembling instructions or anything else that helps you work smarter.

You’ll also want to get all the handy tools beforehand because you don’t want to be running around looking for a moving dolly on your moving day. These are only a few examples to help you understand why planning is important but you should create a plan and figure out the details in advance according to your specific situation.

Remove as many parts as possible

The next thing to do before moving an oversized item is to remove as much as you can. You may wonder how to disassemble furniture when moving? Depending on the type of item, you may be able to take the doors out, remove legs, hardware, drawers, shelves, etc. The idea here is to make the item as light as possible and therefore easier to move – smaller and lighter items mean less trouble than huge and heavy ones. Once you make sure everything is disassembled, you can go ahead and proceed to the next step.

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Use professional moving equipment

Safety always comes first – we all know the saying but how often do we actually follow it? When moving oversized items, you definitely want to stick to this saying and use everything you can in order to keep your move safe and minimize chances for injuries. Besides getting someone’s help, you should also use various pieces of equipment that will help you move your item with ease. These are a few basic ones you should have on hand when moving bulky items.

Packing materials

You must protect your items when moving and you certainly want to use high-quality supplies when moving oversized items. Moving blankets are among 13 must-have packing and moving supplies. Consider using moving blankets for best protection, together with bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. Decide on which packing materials you need depending on the size and condition of your oversized item.

Moving dolly

Arguably the most important tool for professional movers, a moving dolly aka a furniture dolly will help you push a heavy item instead of carrying it. Thanks to its wheels, a moving dolly makes the entire relocation so much safer and easier, that you may decide to splurge on getting one instead of renting it.

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Lifting straps

The next thing to have is this handy tool that puts less strain on your body by lowering the center of gravity on the item you’re moving. Lifting straps are a must because they’ll help you lift heavy items with ease and avoid back injuries.

Furniture sliders

The last piece of equipment we’ll list here is furniture sliders – you’ll place these under a heavy item so you could slide it across the room instead of carrying it.

These are a few basic moving tools that will make your life much easier during those exhausting moving days but you should by all means get other tools you find useful.


By following the tips, we listed above, moving heavy items easily and having a safe and successful relocation shouldn’t be a problem. Does it sound like too much trouble? Worry not! You can always skip the DIY moving and hire a professional Brooklyn moving and storage service instead. Rabbit Movers are happy to assist – we will pack and transport your oversized items safely to your new address. Give us a shout via phone or email and we’ll be happy to chat about your upcoming move, create a customized plan, and provide a free moving quote. Let’s connect!

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