How to Maximize Your Storage Unit Space?

Whether you’re downsizing or renting a storage unit for any other reason, you’ll want to keep it organized and make the best out of your storage space. Besides having easy access to things you need, you’ll also benefit from maximizing the storage unit space simply because you can save money on renting the smaller space when you organize it well. To help you store your thing safely and get your money’s worth, go ahead and learn how to maximize your storage unit space.

A Personal Storage Facility

Choose the right storage unit size

When it comes to space optimization and self-storage, you must carefully choose the size of your storage unit. The reason to do so is that small storage will make it impossible to pack everything, even with the best organization and all the helpful hacks. On the other hand, the storage unit that’s way too big will give you a huge bill you don’t really need. So finding the right unit size is your first step to actually maximizing the space you’re renting. Carefully access your belongings and consider all the tips in the following text so you can plan and make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the correct storage unit size.

Inventory and storage map

The first thing you want to do is plan thoroughly – you can only expect to maximize your space if you put some thought into it. In order to do so, start by creating an inventory list that should include every single item you plan on storing. Go ahead and download a free inventory app for your phone and make the process super easy. Once you’re aware of what you have and what you want to keep in your storage unit, it’s time to figure out what goes where. This is when you should create a storage map so you could locate items quickly once you need them. After you have your map completed, go ahead and keep the map close to the entrance so you’d be able to use it as soon as you enter the unit.

A Storage-unit Facility From The Inside

Use vertical space

In order to maximize your storage unit space, you want to use as much vertical space as possible rather than a horizontal one. To do so, you can invest in a free-standing garment rack and hang your wardrobe and avoid folding and packing it inside moving boxes. You can also go for shelves and create various levels to use the wall space instead of floor space. Another way to save space is to use your furniture that can’t be disassembled to store things – for example, place fragile items like lamps on top of your table or a bookcase.

Pack strategically

When trying to maximize your storage unit space, you should first take care of the heaviest and bulkiest items. If you start by organizing tiny things, you won’t be able to organize your space properly. So once you find a place for large pieces of furniture, heavy appliances, and any other items of that kind, proceed to arrange smaller ones. Follow the same rule when stacking boxes – the heaviest ones go on the bottom and the lighter ones are stacked on top. Another helpful tip for having some of the things too high is to use a foldable ladder or step stool to reach them.

Replace cardboard boxes with plastic bins

Another great way to maximize space is to organize it like a pro – you can see clearly what’s inside and you can conveniently stack them up. The thing about regular cardboard moving boxes is they can get crushed under the weight when you’re stacking them so using the sturdy plastic containers instead will allow you to stack without worries and make the most out of your space.

Plastic Storage Containers

Labeling and thoughtful placement

In case you’re storing items you use frequently, you’ll want to make them easily accessible so pack them towards the front. You should pack those least used items at the back and save time when searching for a specific item. Another great thing to do is label moving boxes like a pro, so you can locate what you need when you need it with ease. Even if you do your best to neatly organize everything, it still may be difficult to remember where a specific thing was packed, especially if you go into the storage after some time has passed.

In order to locate things quickly, use a sharpie marker or a printed label to label each box or container in your storage. Once you’re finished, make sure you leave the labeling part clearly visible so you can spot it easily when you enter the unit.

Use vacuum-sealed bags

Clothes can take such a surprising amount of space that you may find it impossible to maximize the space you have. In order to save some precious space and still keep your clothes safely stored, go ahead and use vacuum-sealed bags. Sealing takes the excess air out of the bag, helping your clothes take up much less space and maximize the storage unit space – so that you can store extra boxes or other household items instead of having those bulky piles of clothing.


Reaching out to a reliable NYC moving and storage company and renting a storage unit is often the best choice when you don’t want to get rid of some of the items but you want to keep them safe for a while. Whether you decide to go for a traditional storage unit or choose to enjoy the benefits of climate-controlled storage, you’ll want to maximize the space and make the best out of it. Hopefully, our tips help you get the best results out of your unit and keep it nice and tidy. While you’re busy doing that, check out professional movers and storage NYC to make sure your belongings are packed and transported safely. Rabbit Movers are at your service – contact us anytime and receive a free moving quote.

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