6 Tips For Packing Liquids

Packing is the most time-consuming part of your move. So naturally, you’ll want to put some thought into it and take advice from professional movers. Planning and organizing are the keys to a successful relocation. Working out your game plan can save you time and money, and have your items arrive safely. Following simple packing strategies and using quality packing materials will pay off. Especially when you’re moving bulky, oddly shaped, fragile, or hazardous items. Knowing how to pack oddly-shaped items for moving is necessary for a smooth, safe, and efficient relocation. Among all the tricky items to move, liquids are pretty high up on the list. They’re challenging to pack and they can spill in transit and cause damage to other valuable household items. If you’re wondering how to prepare liquids for moving, you’re not alone – we’ll share some simple tips for packing liquids so read on.

Plastic Cans and Barrels for Packing and Moving Liquids

Packing tips

You always want to make sure that any item you’re moving is properly protected and perfectly safe for transport. In order to secure liquids and keep them safe during the moving process, follow these few easy steps.

Check and seal the lids

Firstly, check to see if all the caps are sealed tight. It may seem obvious but it’s possible that you oversee the fact that some of the liquid containers are not closing all the way. So, make sure all is functioning in order to avoid spills. Then, go ahead and use stretch tape to wrap either only the lid or the entire bottle. That way, you’ll have another layer of protection against opening and spilling.

Secure the bottles

Next, you’ll want to prepare bottles for packing by wrapping them in bubble wrap. Also, use tape to keep the bubble wrap secured in place. Once all the liquids are ready to go, place them in a plastic bag for the last layer of protection. Using a plastic bag instead of packing liquids straight into the box will give you that extra peace of mind knowing there’s absolutely no chance of anything spilling in transit.

Bubble Wrap Close Up


Upright position

You can place a sturdy plastic bag inside the cardboard box to line it and then pack your liquids inside. This is an easy step but a very useful one because plastic will prevent any further damage in case any of the liquids spills. In case you skip this step, the cardboard will get soaked pretty quickly and cause damage to other moving boxes. Keeping the bottles in the upright position is a must – you never want to keep liquids in a horizontal position.

Safety tips

While preparing for relocation, you’ll likely declutter your home and get rid of things you don’t need or haven’t used in a long time. Among those things, you’ll probably find that some of the liquids are half-full or expired. You better leave those behind. Some liquids in your home may also be potentially dangerous.

Hazardous liquids

When packing liquids for moving, be aware that most moving companies will not move hazardous materials. So, the best is either to move it by yourself or not move them at all. The reason why movers are so cautious about moving hazardous materials and liquids is that they can react with other items being transported, causing damage. So in case you have to transport them, make sure you keep your eyes on them at all times. Also, follow the necessary procedures for moving such items. When it comes to hiring professional movers to transport your liquids, keep in mind that each company has its own list of non-allowables so make sure you check with them before causing trouble.

Pastic Canisters

Organizing tips

To make your move faster and more efficient, it’s a good idea to know what’s in each box so you could unpack it faster and put it in its designated space.


Go for premade labels or use a sharpie marker to label each box containing liquids. Also, make sure you point arrows showing which way is up – you always want to keep boxes with liquids in the upright position and never keep them horizontally because it can cause spilling. Write the labels in bright colors and big letters so anyone helping could clearly see the sign and handle the box carefully.

Move only what you have to

You’re probably aware already that movers charge based on the total weight or size of your shipment. So, you will always want to leave some items behind in order to save money on moving expenses. When it comes to moving liquids, sometimes it pays off more to not move them at all. Firstly, there’s always a chance of spilling and damaging your other items but also, moving that extra weight can actually be more expensive than buying everything you need after you move in.

Four Metal Barrels on a Palette

In case you’re performing a DIY move, you may not want to use that precious packing space in your moving vehicle only to transport liquids. Lastly, if you’re moving to another state, the cost will get way much higher. So, you’ll definitely want to move only essential and valuable things with you. For these and other reasons, only move liquids you really need or can’t find after your relocation.

Hire movers to move your liquids

Eventually, you can always save yourself the trouble and hire professional movers and storage NYC service to take care of moving your belongings, including liquids. Going for a DIY option has its perks like affordability and control over your move, however, it does come with a few challenges – packing, loading, and transporting on your own will cost you a lot of time and nerves. If you want to have a stress-free relocation and avoid injuries when moving, consider reaching out to your trusted local movers, such as Rabbit Movers, for their packing and unpacking services. We’re at your service and we will gladly provide a free moving quote so make sure you contact us by phone or email.

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