Antique Movers NYC

Antique Movers NYC


Our trained and experienced team of movers is proficient in the packing and shipping of antiques, sculptures, and many other valuable items. You can rest assured that our qualified antique movers will take care of your prized possessions with great attention.

We provide moving and packing services for long-distance moves, commercial, residential and more. We treat every item in the most professional way and with great care. Moving antiques and priceless collectibles take extra care and focus, so you can’t place your trust in just anybody.

One of the options is that we build custom wooden crates around your antique pieces in order to ensure the correct fit and proper protection. We make sure that every antique item is pampered and packed with maximum protection so that no harm will come to it during the move. Some of the specific items we recommend moving with this specialty service include:

    • Fragile porcelains
    • Family heirlooms
    • Valuable antiques


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Our NYC antique movers have the experience and professional training to properly, pack, handle and move your most beloved antique items. Rabbit Movers professionally certified crew of expert movers will go the extra mile to ensure the safety of your property every step of the way. Our moving and packing services are guaranteed to help to make your next antique moving go as smoothly as a whistle. Large or small, we’ll work with you to make sure every last piece is exactly where you want it to be.

Our services include local, interstate, and long-distance moving, feel free to contact us today and find out more about the best way to move your precious antique items.

Pack and Unpacking Servicespacking-services-nyc

How should you handle the packing of your belongings? With Rabbit Movers packing services, your goods are prepared swiftly and securely for worry-free shipping.   Rabbit Movers offers professional packing supplies and services to meet any level of need. Request a quote to learn more about how you can customize your packing plan.