Rebecca Fitting’s Moving Stories


When I was 20 I moved to Memphis, TN for a job in a bookstore. I’d never been there before, I was young, unfettered and carefree, so when they offered I said sure why not, and moved there blind. At the time it was me and my cat Rose, with a U-haul bin towed behind…

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Stephanie Huntwork’s moving experience


In November of 2000, Darren moved to NYC. In June of 2001, I moved to NYC. That same June, Darren began working for a Manhattan publisher. In July 01 I got my first real job at that same publishing house. We didn’t meet one another until 4 years later, around the same time that I…

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Rob Domingo’s DIY move almost slipped away


This particular story takes place in a time where things were simpler, where moving was just about getting a bunch of friends together to help you move your stuff while you pay them in pizza. The only incident we experienced was unheard of in the history of moves. No one was a pro at moving…

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Phoebe Waterson recalls her first NY apartment


My first apartment in New York City was exactly the kind of place that you read about as the “first NYC apartment”. I shared a ‘two bedroom’ loft with a roommate. The first bedroom (mine) was a glorified closet. A room that I often thought I would use as a closet if I were ever…

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