Green Initiatives

Rabbit Moving & Storage has gone green!


It’s simple. Our fleet of big blue trucks doesn’t include a spaceship. We can’t move you to another planet. We’d prefer if we all stayed here. It’s so pretty. We want to do our part to keep it that way. We’re a green moving company because we’re selfish. Not only do we love our planet, we love what we do here and we want to keep doing it.

Rabbit Moving & Storage is concerned about the environment, so it was only natural we took the initiatives to embrace sustainable practices. Here are the steps we are taking to reduce our ecological footprint.

We want to move your great great great grandchildren. Really, it’s just that simple.

    • Biodiesel Moving trucks – In an effort to lighten our carbon footprint, Rabbit Movers converted its entire fleet of moving trucks to run on biodiesel. We are now powering our entire fleet of big blue trucks with cleaner burning fuel made from naturally renewable sources such as plant oils, animal fats, recycled grease, and algae


    • Reusable bins – All of our moving boxes are either made of 100% recycled materials or they are reusable bins.  We encourage our clients to recycle their moving boxes and to use our own recycled moving boxes.


  • biodegradable bubble wrap – We use a biodegradable eco bubble wrap is just as bubbly, just as poppy, and just as shiny, except, it’s GREEN! Following your moving day, after you’ve popped all the bubbles, this eco-friendly material can be discarded with the peace of mind that comes from knowing it will degrade, crack and finally break down into smaller pieces with the aid of UV light, oxygen and or heat thanks to its unique ‘Reverte’ Oxo-biodegradable additives.

And soon…! a new solar and wind-powered office and a partnership with Build It Green and the EPA.