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Impromptu art exhibitions
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Anything, anywhere, anytime. We have galleries at our fingertips! If you’re interested to participate in an Art Attack please send a proposal to art@rabbitmovers.com .

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Matt Witmer

No Home Gallery is pleased to present Field Notes, featuring photographs and poems by Matt Witmer. Curated by Molly Eckel and hosted by Rabbit Movers, the exhibition will take place inside two conjoined trucks located on Cook St. & Bogart St. during Bushwick Open Studios.

Saturday, June 6th, 2015 Cook St and Bogart St, Brooklyn 7:30-10PM

Field Notes invites viewers to enter an unexpected setting and consider the transience, isolation, and nostalgia associated with the American road trip.

For more information, please check out nohomegallery.com

Nu Ryu

"I create stories about change and adaptation between humans and nature, the stories then inspire me to create images. I see nature as the origin of harmony and communication, and animals as messengers to nature for mankind who is lost, and looking for their nature. I act as a translator and storyteller between different creatures and the world. I capture each moment of my understanding, the interaction between humans and nature, and I directly transform it onto the canvas. There are no logical plans, references, or sketching first, so always the first image is the final image. This artistic manner in myself naturally came from Ancient Korean artists who admire nature and live in it. I am translating the essence of the traditional method into contemporary painting through my work. The whole process of being a storyteller and a translator strongly tells me who I am, and what I do as an artist."

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- Nu Ryu -

Chris Garcia


Chris Garcia's current body of work in ceramics deals almost exclusively with abstracted human, animal, and imaginary figures. He draws from his experiences and observations of religion, Latin culture, and personal caricatures of his thoughts.

The subjects depicted are bound by earth; Trapped by the body and consciousness of being. The figures, writhe, struggle, but are trapped in a purely physical existence. The work is derived from the act of expressing emotion and raw thought into a physical entity.

First born of the mind, they take shape and an actual presence. Similar to the Tupilak figures of Greenland; All negative properties are embodied and then trapped into the sculpture.

The works speak of the duality of thought and flesh, and how people can be a victim or profiteer in the inner and outer workings of their own existence.

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- Chris Garcia -

Gigi Bio

Hailing from Oakland, CA and based in Brooklyn, NY, Bio describes her life as a balance of art and fashion. Her passion for art, photography, and design started at an early age, ultimately creating the lens through which she views people, art, and the world around her. Immersed in the vitality and swiftly evolving nature of New York, her work is a reflection of the people, music, culture, bustling streets, speeding traffic, advertisements, and massive buildings passing by like a heart beat.

In 2011, she collaborated as a Creative Director with musician, MeLo-X to create her first music video called "Mirrors on My Mind". This project greatly influenced her work on Industrial Grace.

Industrial Grace marries her perception of fashion and music, to create a sense of rhythm, pattern play and visual balance. The artist deconstructs photos of street scenes, and re-envisons them to give a seemingly 360 degree vantage point of a brilliant kaleidoscope world. The effect on the viewer is the realization that nothing is mundane when you see it in all of its parts.

Gigi Bio’s work was featured in exhibits and publications for "Street or Studio - The History of Urban Photography" at Tate Modern in London, UK and "Click - The Changing Faces of Brooklyn" at Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, NY. Her work was published in Slice Magazine Spring / Summer 2010 Issue 6: Metropolis.

She is affiliated with Galerie Geraldine Zberro in Paris, France; Art Whino Gallery in Washington DC; White Train in NYC, DIS Micro Gallery in Brooklyn, NY & Fabien Castanier Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. artists.rabbitmovers.com/christophergarcia

Daniel Terna

Daniel Terna (b. 1987, Brooklyn, NY) makes photographs and videos that examine the relationship we had with photography in the past, and what it has become today. Terna’s work questions when and why we choose to make photographs, and his images chronicle the lives of others and their intersections with his life. While his photographs represent and memorialize his own past, his video work documents the cultural tourist’s usage of photography. Terna’s work blends a personal photographic narrative with a critical observation of others doing the same, thus engaging in the very practice that he is critiquing.

Terna’s I’ll See You on The Beach (2009), a project that looked at the incongruous relationship that exists between the civilian world and unintentional monuments, forms of civil protection, and museum exhibits, was shown at Woods Gallery (Annandale-on-Hudson), and in Brooklyn at the Greenpoint Gallery and RABBITHOLE Gallery. His most recent video project Before After (2011), in collaboration with artist Michael Kugler, has been screened at UnionDocs in Brooklyn and at Kayuto Gallery in Tokyo, and was selected to take part in OK Video FLESH at the 5th International Jakarta Film Festival (2011). NURTUREart Gallery in Bushwick recently included Before After in the third season of its “Videorover” program. Terna graduated from Bard College (BA, Photography, 2009).

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