Residential Moving for New York Residents


Residential Moving Services Near You

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Rabbit Movers has been transporting family household goods and valuables with precision, speed, and care for the last 14 years.  Today, our New York City headquarters offers a full-service moving team, which caters to local, interstate and long distance residential moving, in addition to taking on specialty item moves.  

Customer Service Leader

When you decide to use Rabbit Movers for your next move, you are assigned a residential moving specialist, who is a human calendar of sorts as he or she will coordinate all of your dates and paperwork. As a single point of contact, your move coordinator will keep you in the loop and assist you with obtaining and maintaining organization, all while monitoring and keeping you on track.  As the date of your move gets closer and closer, your coordinator will be your easily accessible go-to person and be there to field last minute questions, troubleshooting issues and any other ad hoc or unforeseen obstacles.

Residential Moving Estimates

moving-estimate-quotesWe determine estimates for our residential moving costs according to Rabbit Movers’ federally-registered moving tariff.  Book your move online in just minutes. Use our moving estimate Inventory tool- it’s easy to use, just create your inventory list using our easy planner. You can make changes anytime and see exactly how much it will cost to move each item. Or, if you would like to speak to a real person, give us a call, and one of our team members can help you budget your move quite easily.

A combination of service factors, such as such as distance, mileage, weight and time frame, will be reflected in your final moving estimate.

When you request a residential moving quote from Rabbit Movers, if your space is over 600 square feet, you will probably meet with a professional move estimator to quickly survey your household and assess your scheduling and service needs.   We offer a few types of moving services:

Local Moving Services    

local-moving-nycOn a daily basis, our local movers work tirelessly to uphold our reputation, which is one unwavering dedication to safety, service, and integrity.  Rabbit Movers offers affordable, value-added moving options so your moving experience is pleasant.  We offer moving packages and bundles, which provide increased protection, technical services and options for additional cleaning. We cover these local areas every day:  

Interstate & Long-Distance Moving Services

long-distance-movingFederally licensed to provide interstate and long-distance moving services, Rabbit Movers offers moving services to households and companies up and down the east coast.  We work vigilantly to uphold our reputation as the New York Tri-state area’s best movers.  Our east coast clients witness, firsthand, our unmatched and white-glove interstate moving services.  Making a long-distance move is not a walk in the park; the words, “smooth” or “easy” rarely come up as ways to describe a large move.

No sweat!  At Rabbit Movers, our long-distance workers eliminate time-consuming tasks and sort, then rid, complexities out of the equation for your moving invoice. We always use our state-of-the-art technology, streamlined processes, integrations, sophisticated customer service, best practices and safety standards.    

Specialty Item Moving Services

You are unique — so are your valuables. Our specially trained art, antique, and furniture moving team can assist with the protection of you your most precious items while offering the most seamless moving experience possible. We can also carefully package and transport your priceless heirlooms, items of high value, antique furniture, pianos, art or wine collections.  We offer premium quality packing materials, custom crates to protect your important physical assets.   

Pack and Unpacking Servicespacking-services-nyc

How should you handle the packing of your belongings? With Rabbit Movers packing services, your goods are prepared swiftly and securely for worry-free shipping.   Rabbit Movers offers professional packing supplies and services to meet any level of need. Request a quote to learn more about how you can customize your packing plan.

Choose the Moving Services You Need.

Rabbit Movers offers a variety of a la carte and packaged moving services. Our goal is to provide you with cost-effective moving service options to enhance your moving experience. We strive for customer satisfaction, and you being happy with our services at the end of your move. These packages provide increased value protection and options for additional cleaning and technical services. No matter the size or destination, Rabbit Movers residential moving services can meet your moving needs.