Stephanie Huntwork’s moving experience

In November of 2000, Darren moved to NYC. In June of 2001, I moved to NYC. That same June, Darren began working for a Manhattan publisher. In July 01 I got my first real job at that same publishing house. We didn’t meet one another until 4 years later, around the same time that I was moving to my first studio apartment (my first time living alone.) For two years, until March of 2007, Darren and I had a “long distance” relationship– it takes quite a few trains to get from Bushwick to the Upper West Side. We decided to move to Brooklyn together, and after 3 years of cohabitation Darren proposed! In order to start married life in a larger apartment, we are now moving to Greenpoint.

I have often heard Moving described as one of the seven most stressful life experiences– it’s not anxiety free, but for me moving is exciting, a chance to reinvent my life a little. We’re looking forward to the next adventure.

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