Jim Sherwin is grateful to Rabbit Movers

Moving to a new apartment sounds exciting. But then one encounters the inevitable nightmare of searching and planning and paying and packing and fretting. What should be an occasion to celebrate is instead a minefield of logistical explosions, each more overwhelming and discouraging than the last.

It’s no wonder, then, that by the time I found my apartment, I was exhausted, and the mere thought of the actual move gave me hives. My apprehension was not without warrant. The last time I went through this process in New York the movers were rude and unprofessional. I couldn’t afford another experience like that one, not financially and not emotionally.

Rabbit Movers renewed my faith in New York movers. In the weeks preceding moving day, they corresponded with the kindness and readiness of an old friend, providing answers to all of my questions. I knew from that first email that I was in good hands, that no matter what difficulty I encountered, Rabbit Movers would happily take care of it. They never once made me feel like a burden, never once dismissed a request.

8:50am. I will never forget this. Nate from Rabbit Movers called my phone on moving day at 8:50am, a full ten minutes before he and the others were scheduled to arrive. Up until that point Rabbit Movers had provided some of the best customer service I had ever received. I’d think of something at odd hours of of the day – boxes! storage! a large picture frame! – and someone would find a solution for me. But I didn’t expect promptness. I didn’t expect the entire crew to be ready when they said they would be ready. Yet there they were, and I was over the moon.

I can’t thank Rabbit Movers enough. They turned a potentially disastrous situation into a pleasant one, a mountain into a mole hill. Movers who can get the job done are easy to find. They lift, they carry, they pack, they unpack. But Rabbit Movers are the only ones who can also be nice, who can also be honest, who can also be helpful, who can also be genuinely invested in the well being of the person pacing back and forth, wondering if everything will be okay.

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