How to Pack Fragile Items

Packing is an inevitable part of the moving process, and it is rarely an enjoyable experience. However, there are always tips and tricks to help you go through it faster and more efficiently. But what happens when it comes to packing fragile items? Can they be packed the same way as the rest of the items? Can you just use the newspaper and hope for the best? The answer is no. Packing fragile items requires a careful approach and professional tools for protecting their delicate design. Keep reading to find a few tips on how to pack fragile items

Plan ahead

Packing fragile items requires more time and effort than packing the rest of your household items. Plan in advance to make sure there is enough time to accomplish the tasks without a hurry. Firstly decide whether you prefer to DIY or hire full-service movers. In case you opt for full service, packers will take care of everything related to your breakables. That means they will provide the necessary materials, packing, carrying, and transporting fragile items to your new home. This is definitely a more expensive option, but on the other hand, it is safer. It will give you peace of mind that is priceless when it comes to moving valuable items. Consider how much it will cost to replace something that has an emotional value to you, or if it can even be replaced when damaged. If you would rather handle things yourself, here are some guidelines.

Get enough packing supplies

Packing Fragile Items for Moving

Bubble wrap is on the top of the lost when packing fragile items. Get enough packing paper as well, as well as tape and markers. A sufficient amount of boxes is also a must. Get enough boxes but pay attention to their size. Get different sizes because that’s the best way to mix various items and oddly shaped things together. You can use cardboard or rent plastic containers. There are boxes made of recycled plastic that you can rent and bring back after you are done with our move. They are sturdy enough to hold heavy items and they are also eco-friendly, which is a plus if you care about the environment.

Check the box

Before packing, make sure that the box is intact. Any damages or open seems can easily lead to breaking and fragile items falling out. In case you can’t find a box that’s in perfect shape, go ahead and use a sturdy tape to shut any open seems.

Make a cushion

Bubble Wrap Can Help Protect Fragile Items

Before you place items in a box, use bubble wrap to make the first layer of protection. Make a soft cushion on the bottom of the box, as well on its sides. Bubble wrap is perfect for cushioning because it is filled with air so it provides a soft base for sensitive items.

Don’t leave empty spaces

Once you placed items in the box, you will notice some empty spaces left. Make sure to fill in all voids by either using bubble wrap or packing paper. This is an important step because it will keep things in place and prevent jiggling. The fewer items move around, the fewer chances for breaking. Prevent jiggling and you prevent damage.

Seal the box

Even following all steps will not be enough unless you are absolutely sure that the box will remain closed. Seal it properly by using tape on all sides. Skip the duct tape and rather get a proper packing tape that is sturdy enough to keep the box shut.

Label clearly

It's Important to Label Boxes When You Pack Fragile Items

After all is packed safely, use a marker to write “fragile” on each box. Go for a bright color that’s easy to notice, preferably red. If you are hiring insured movers NYC, make sure you communicate with them. Even though it is labeled, take a moment, and emphasize to them which boxes are extremely fragile and require careful handling.

How to pack the most popular fragile items


Learn How to Pack Your Plates Properly

Wrap each plate individually by using bubble wrap. Use cardboard or paper to separate plates from each other. Place them vertically and don’t overpack. That’s the most important thing because they can get quite heavy and lead to breaking the box.


Use crumpled paper to fill the inside of the glass. Wrap it all around by using packing paper. Place heavier glasses on the bottom and lighter ones on top. Don’t insist on filling the box because glass can become too heavy to lift and carry.


Whether you are packing a picture frame or a mirror frame, protect its corners. You can download a template and make your own corner protection. Use paper to protect the surface and separate frames by using crumpled paper.


When packing electronics, it is always advisable to use the original packaging. If you don’t have it, use a suitable size box and plenty of bubble wrap to completely cover the device. Unplug it and use zip lock bags for chords. Label each bag with the name of the device it belongs to. For TV and computer screens, avoid regular paper but rather use a specialty paper made specifically to protect screens from scratching. A good idea is to take pictures to be extra sure which parts go together when unpacking and installing electronics again.

Avoid cheap alternatives

There are things you can save on when packing, but quality materials for packing are not one of them. For example, if you use old newspapers to protect your picture, it can get damaged. If you use towels instead of bubble wrap, it might not be enough to prevent breaking. Rather invest in professional packing materials because only then you will be sure you packed safely.

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