Why Do You Need Fine Art Movers

Moving is always a challenging task. But, things get to a whole other level when you have to move your precious art collection. Fine art owners know how difficult it is to move art safely, especially if you want to DIY. Whether you’re moving art that has sentimental or material value, you want it to be transported safely. A damaged art collection will not make your new place get that final touch and feel like a true home. To move art properly, you’ll want to minimize the risk of damage, so hiring professional NYC art movers is the safest bet. In the following text, we’ll list a couple of reasons for choosing professional services instead of moving art yourself. So, why do you need fine art movers? Let’s dive straight into it.

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Safety and insurance

As a collection owner, you’ll want to take all precautions you can to move your pieces safely and avoid damage. One of those precautions is insurance. While you can’t get insurance for a DIY move, things look totally different when you hire fine-art insured movers NYC. They’ll offer different types of insurance and it’s up to you to choose the most suitable one. You’ll even be able to get a truck with a GPS. That way you can locate your art anytime during the moving process. The alarm system is something else your movers will offer when you’re moving art. Furthermore, movers even have the option of hiring police escorts or armed guards to make your art completely safe. The bottom line is, fine art movers can go above and beyond to tailor a plan specifically for you and provide the best service possible.

Professional and careful handling

Since you’re reading this text, it’s safe to assume that you appreciate art pieces. You’re probably aware that each piece of artwork requires proper handling. That’s why you’ll want someone who shares your passion. Someone who understands the value of art, and knows that careful handling is a must. In order to accomplish this, movers have to be experienced and trained specifically for handling these types of valuables. A well-trained moving crew will be able to use the best packing techniques for safe transport, and they’ll know how to remove and install your art at the new address properly. That’s not to say that you wouldn’t handle your possessions carefully, but professional movers do that daily and it just makes sense they’ll be more skilled at it than an average person.

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper installation because it can make a huge difference in your relocation. It takes much more to have your piece hang correctly than simply taking it out of the box and placing a nail into your wall. You’re probably not aware of this but fine art movers are also able to access your home and interior design to offer ideas and the best places to install your piece. Whether you have a collection of paintings or massive sculptures, they’ll make sure to place them right.

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Professional equipment

Besides the best techniques, expert fine-art movers will also have proper packing materials. Getting cheap materials can cost you much more in the long run, so don’t save on getting the best ones. Not only these movers will have regular non-abrasive materials, but they’ll also create a custom crating for extra protection. Applying packing strategies together with quality materials takes the possibility of damage to a minimum. If you choose to save and not hire art movers, you’re risking quite an expensive repair in case any damage happens to your piece. So, hiring professionals is a smart idea.

Proper transportation

One of the challenges of moving art yourself is not having a suitable vehicle. Yes, you can certainly rent a moving truck and call it a day. But, that’s not what you want to do if you have a valuable art collection. Fine art movers provide special cargo handling services and use climate-controlled trucks, plus, they’ll know best practices for keeping art safe in transit. Traditional movers do have an option of hiring climate-controlled vehicles, but it takes more than that to do everything properly. Specialized movers have strict procedures that require them to document everything they do for quality assurance purposes.

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Remember that earlier we talked about how they can provide a police escort, well, they can even arrange for blocking a street if it’s the final stage of installing a valuable art piece. While traditional movers are also able to get some other types of licenses, they aren’t able to go to these lengths for protecting your art. Pay special attention to this benefit of hiring specialized movers if you’re moving long-distance because attempting to transport your art collection safely to another state is almost impossible.


Top-quality storage services

Lastly, art movers will provide storage service perfectly suited for sensitive and valuable pieces. Optimum storage conditions mean that your art will not be affected by heat, humidity, pests, dust, debris, etc. Such delicate items can also be sensitive to temperature changes, so you’ll want to get the top-quality storage service for your collection. Plus, the storage units your fine art movers provide will also be well secured, so you won’t have to worry about thieves and you’ll be able to relax knowing that your precious art is safe.

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When you think about all of the advantages of hiring fine art movers, chances are you’ll want to trust them to take care of your precious collection and let traditional movers take care of the rest of your household items. Hiring specialized fine art movers is somewhat pricey but given the circumstances, it’s the smartest part of your relocation to invest in. Such a complex task as moving fine art is something you can only trust a well-trained crew to do. Only if you choose fine art movers, you’ll have peace of mind and know for sure your valuable art will arrive safely to your new home.

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