Tips for Moving to a New Neighborhood

Your long and probably quite exhausting process of finding a new home is over, and you’re finally in your new home. After your Brooklyn local movers move you and you figure out what to do with packing materials after a move, there is more to do. To make your new home feel truly yours, there is more besides adding personal décor. When moving to a new neighborhood, try to become a local as quickly as possible. Adapting to your new environment and connecting with your new community may not seem so easy but there are things you can do to get the feeling of belonging and start calling a new neighborhood your home.

A smart thing to do before you start exploring a new area is to take some time to reflect. Think about your previous neighborhoods and your habits. Think about how involved you were, how well you knew your neighbors, etc. Now that you live in another neighborhood, this will be a good starting point to improve on those. It will also serve you when you need to reflect again after some time and evaluate your new home. At first, adapting can seem like a daunting task. But, with some tips and tricks combined with the right mindset, you’ll get there in no time. To help you adjust, we compiled a list of things you should do after moving to a new neighborhood. Carry on reading to find our top tips for moving to a new neighborhood.

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Get familiar

The first thing you want to do when you move to a new neighborhood is to go out and just walk around for a while. Get familiar as soon as you can because getting to know your neighborhood will help you settle in faster. If you have a dog that’s an even better scenario but if you don’t that’s fine as well – you can still go for a walk by yourself and explore your new area. If you’re not much of a walking person, make it intentional instead and go to your nearby store, coffee shop, or anything else that interests you – but do so on foot.

Meet your neighbors

This may sound easier said than done but you’ll get to know your neighbors sooner than later. Make sure you smile and greet a neighbor you come across and engage in a light conversation with a simple question – ask about anything in your area. They’ll be able to tell you about what’s going on in your area and you may decide to join a project or contribute in any way to your local community. They may also be able to share some details about upcoming changes in the neighborhood so you don’t get surprised when those changes start happening. A little bit of friendliness goes a long way and it will help you build a friendship over time. By knowing your neighbors and being friendly with them, you’ll feel better and more established in your new home.

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Another great way to get connected in a new city is to volunteer. Choose something that you’re passionate about and volunteer to help – any cause will do as long as you’re honest about it. If you love animals, for example, go ahead and become a volunteer in an animal shelter, or go support another cause that you care about. Besides helping others, volunteering will also help you to get engaged with your community and invest in it more deeply.

Take care of essential utilities

Hopefully, your utilities are in order and you have electricity and water up and running upon your arrival. However, there are other things to take care of as well. You may have to arrange for home security, cable, trash pickup, etc.

Shop locally

The next thing to do when you move to a new neighborhood is to check out the nearby stores. Even if you brought everything from your previous home, you’ll definitely need to buy some things after you move. To get more familiar with a new neighborhood, shop at your local grocery store, have a small chat with a clerk at the post office, be friendly with the barista at the nearest coffee shop, etc.

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Check out the rules

After you move to a new neighborhood, you’ll want to study the rules and make sure your home improvement projects are not against any of them. For example, historic districts will limit you when it comes to your home’s exterior, but there may be other rules you must follow according to the neighborhood you now live in.

Dine out

You sure deserve to treat yourself after a successful move and what better way than to get a nice dinner in your new neighborhood. Start by dining in the nearby restaurant that catches your eye – you’ll get to have a nice meal and you may even make some friends while doing so.

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Be a tourist

Moving to a new neighborhood gives you a chance to behave like a tourist and discover all the hidden gems of your new home. Go to a local theater, visit museums, have a picnic in your nearby park, and explore a different area every week or even every day if your schedule and wallet allow. Knowing your new area better will help you feel more connected and find your favorite places to enjoy over and over again.

Get together

To make more friends, check out apps for your phone such as Meetup – it will help you find local events like concerts, courses, art shows, clubs, pubs, etc. You can also join a local book club, dinner club, or any other type of regular get-together. Attend as many events as possible that interest you because it will give you a chance to connect with like-minded people and start building a circle of friends.

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