How to Move Your Valuables

Moving is considered a stressful event partly because you need to change your entire life, and partly because you need to physically relocate all of your belongings. This second part can, luckily, be learned and mastered, like a skill. That is why we have created this useful guide on how to move your valuables without the fear of damaging or losing them. The more time you invest in finding out how to properly pack and handle your valuables, the smaller are the chances of accidents. However, since this chance always exists, you can also hire a reputable moving company and have a relaxed relocation.

Make an inventory list

Make a home inventory list of all the items that are valuable in price or sentimentally. Knowing the current marketplace value of the items is great, so you can also write it down next to the items in question. Having your items all on one list will help you quickly check whether all the inventory is in its place. Make a copy of this list and always have one near you.

Home Inventory List

Take photos of your valuable items

It is very important that you know the condition of your valuable items before and after the relocation. It is easy to forget whether your piano has already had a scratch or the damage that occurred during the relocation. So, we highly recommend that you take multiple photos of your belongings from several angels. If it is easier, you can just take a video, as well, and save some time. Plus, if you hired professional movers, photos are an excellent piece of evidence that you can provide when filing a claim against them.

Moving insurance is a must-have

Needless to say, if you move your valuables to another country, or just down the street, you need to have moving insurance. Nobody wants accidents to happen, but you certainly need to prepare for that outcome, too. If you hired a moving company, you will be able to choose from the following moving insurance options:

Released value protection

This type of moving insurance is completely free. However, if you decide to take it, you should know that in case of damage or loss, you will not be compensated much. Depending on the moving company, usually, you would receive around 0.60 cents per pound. Your items are probably worth a lot more, so we recommend that you skip this type of insurance.

Full value protection

This type of insurance is excellent for your valuable items. In case something happens to your belongings, there are three possible scenarios. The first one is that the moving company will replace the item that was lost or damaged. The second one is that they will repair it. And finally, the third scenario is that the moving company will compensate you for the current marketplace value of the item.

Items that are worth more than $100 per pound

If your valuable items are worth more than $100 per pound, you need to tell this to your moving company. This is because if you take full value protection, and it turns out that the item is worth more, they can refuse to compensate you for the damage. Just don`t forget to consult with your moving company about what is the best option for your belongings.

Hire professional movers when you want to move your valuables

Do a careful examination of the situation. If you have enough skills, proper equipment, and several men to help you load the valuables into the moving truck, then go for it. If, on the other hand, you don`t have any of these conditions met, we highly advise you to hire reputable movers in Brooklyn. The moving crew has all the proper skills and knows the right lifting and moving techniques that will decrease any chances of damaging your items. Furthermore, you will avoid any moving injuries. Imagine that you need to transport a 400 pounds piano. It can be risky, and you can hurt yourself, as well as damage the item.

Movers Unloading Boxes from the Moving Van

Keep the smaller valuable items next to you

With or without professional movers, you should always strive to have your valuables near you. Jewelry, medical records, important documents can all fit in a small moving box. We recommend that this moving box goes into your vehicle and that it is always within your hand reach. If you need to take a break from driving, or even spend the night at a hotel, always carry the bag with you. No matter how reliable the movers are, you will be much calmer knowing that at least some of the valuables are safe with you.

Pack the boxes properly

In case you are the one in charge of packing the boxes with your valuable items, remember to be extremely careful. Proper packing is half the work, and you want to make sure that everything goes just right. Don`t save money on packing supplies when you need to move your valuables. Forget about free moving boxes that have already been used. It is better to pay more for high-quality packing supplies than to risk damaging your valuable items.

Label the boxes properly

If you are labeling the boxes, we recommend that you perform a little trick. Namely, you should never announce to the world that you are relocating your valuable items. So, instead of writing jewelry on the box, consider writing dishes, or something else. You can freely write Fragile on the box, but avoid naming the actual stuff that is inside the box. This can attract unwanted visitors, and ruin your relocation for good.

It's Important to Label Boxes When You Pack Fragile Items

Preserve a positive attitude during the relocation

During the relocation of your valuable items, you may get anxious, be under a lot of stress, imagining the worst-case scenarios in your head. While this is completely normal, it is also completely unnecessary. Once you have followed our tips from above, there is no reason to think over and over again about the things that can go wrong. Good luck!

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