9 Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

During the moving process mistakes easily happen, and they can cost you nerves, time, and money. Here are some most common moving mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

Bad planning

Without a doubt, the biggest mistake is bad planning or starting work without proper organization in advance. How to avoid this situation? Make a note of all tasks that need to be completed before the deadline is over. Write on a piece of paper or use your phone or tablet to keep track, whatever is more suitable for you.

Taking too much time for packing

4-6 weeks is approximately the period that you should take for the whole moving process to be over. For that reason, plan your relocation accordingly and do not waste too much time on unnecessary things. Instead, keep your focus and be productive to finish your packing quickly because there are many more things to be done.

Packing Boxes for Moving

Waiting for the last minute to get supplies

Moving is an extremely busy time in your life, and you may feel overstressed because many things are going through your mind. Bubble wrap? Packing paper? Scissors? Garbage bags? Yes, you will need to think about all these small things. Therefore, make a list of all moving and packing supplies that you need to purchase before you start with packing. Do not wait until the last minute for this, considering that time is going too fast, and your moving date is coming soon.

Do not pack all your things

Your current home probably has many memorabilia, plenty of items you were collecting in your past, and probably you would like to take all of them with you. But, unfortunately, taking them may cost you a lot. When you hire a moving company, they will charge you upon the weight of your stuff. For that reason, declutter your things before starting to pack them in the boxes. You may donate some of them or organize a yard sale, but because of recent issues with COVID 19, the better option will be to sell them online. There are a lot of famous sites for sale, like Amazon, Facebook, etc.

Do not forget to label your boxes

One of the most common mistakes during packing is failing to label your boxes, which may cause you problems later. Labeling moving boxes is not difficult to do, but it is necessary to be done on time. Do this before closing boxes with specific items inside. Otherwise, you do not have a clue which items are inside and it can create an issue for you and professional movers that will unload the truck with your belongings. For that reason, take a permanent marker and write on every side of the box which items you have inside and which room that box belongs to.

Search for the moving company

When it comes to hiring a moving company, the first thing that you should do is proper research. These days, many moving companies are available on the market, but the question is who to trust? Thus, before hiring a moving company, talk to your family, relatives, and friends. Check if they have any experience with this. If they do not have one company to recommend, go ahead and check on the internet.

Searching for a Moving Company Online

How to choose the right moving company

If you decided to research on the internet, then you should be aware of potential fraud, too. What are the things you should consider when searching for the right moving company? When you discover a company that can handle your moving requirements, check their quotes, reviews from other clients, and background.

Accepting the first offer, instead to analyze a few companies more

When you get offers from different companies, take your time to consider and analyze every detail before you choose, and never rush with your decision. People make the wrong choice because they want to finish as soon as possible, and do not consider all facts before making a deal with a moving company. That can cost them more money and time. Every company has a representative who will come to check the size and weight of your possessions, so you don’t need to waste your time and go to visit them. However, you can contact moving companies to ask them what options they have, especially now when the COVID 19 pandemic is still active, and every gathering is a potential risk.

Become the victim of fraud

These days, moving frauds are more present and usual than before. That is the reason why you should be familiar with binding and non-binding estimates and the difference between them.

  • Binding estimates are a printed agreement between your moving company and you- made in advance. The total cost of your move is based on quantity, service, and conditions by agreement. The binding estimate must specify what sort of belongings they send to your new home address. Plus, with this agreement, moving companies cannot charge you more or less of the price, but if you fail to pay for it, they can hold your property.
  • Non-binding estimates are common types of moving, especially for a long-distance move, but unfortunately, that is not always a safe option.

Be Aware Of Moving Frauds

The cost of your move is something that your estimator will create, based on the size and weight of your property, and that seems like nothing strange. But if you don’t have any documents to prove the cost of your shipment, you might be a victim of fraud easily. As a result, it can be extremely unpleasant to discover that the cost of your shipment is different and that you can’t take your property before paying the whole amount.

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