10 Essential Moving Day Tips

There’s always a bit of challenge to moving day. Even the best planners sometimes find this day to be downright stressful. Luckily, you can make this day at least a bit easier and the whole process more efficient. To help your moving day go as smoothly as possible, we’ve prepared these simple tips. Carry on reading to find the top 10 essential moving day tips.

Create a to-do list

The first of the essential moving day tips is to make a to-do list. You’ll have various tasks to take care of on moving day. You could easily overlook something, so being able to see your tasks in writing is very helpful. Go ahead and create your ultimate moving checklist that includes every single moving day’s tasks and then prioritize them. Mark the task after you complete it so you’d have visual confirmation of your progress.

Dress accordingly

To be efficient on your moving day you must be comfortable, so make sure you dress appropriately. Open-toe shoes and fancy clothes are not an option since you have to protect your feet and be able to move around, lift, and carry items all day long. A comfy pair of sneakers and sports clothing will do you much better than an extremely tight or loose outfit. Make sure you check the forecast as well. You’re going to need your rain gear ready or extra SPF on hand in case you’re expecting harsh weather conditions.

Avoid packing on moving day

By efficient packing, you can reduce stress during a move. To avoid stress and save your items from damage, don’t pack on moving day. Take care of everything before movers arrive. Hopefully, you’ve already packed everything you own. But, if you didn’t pack all the items, don’t let them load them like that. Anything that’s not packed properly is likely to get damaged during transit.

A Girl Is Packing Boxes For Moving

Have your personal items separated

One thing you must do in order to have a smooth moving day is to prepare your “survival kit” bag. It can be a bag or a box with all the necessities for a couple of days. It should contain the items you’ll need on a moving day. So go ahead and separate your phones, chargers, credit cards, cash, medications, change of clothes, some snacks and refreshments, and anything else you might need until you reach your new home and unpack all of the belongings. Sometimes, this process may take a couple of days so consider this as well when you’re packing your essentials bag. Also, you should separate personal items you prefer to move, like jewelry and other valuables that you don’t want movers to handle. These types of belongings should be packed in a separate box and you should keep them on you at all times.

Separate cleaning supplies

After movers take everything out you’ll probably have to do a bit of cleaning in order to leave your home looking decent for new residents. Instead of running around looking for cleaning supplies, separate them beforehand so you can easily do final touch-ups.

Brushes, Sponges, Detergents, and Hygiene Gloves

Do a walk-trough

Before you leave your current home for good, make sure you do a thorough walk-through and check if anything is left behind or something requires your attention. You’d be surprised about how often people miss something while rushing to get to a new home but this quick walk will let you confirm all is in order and give you peace of mind. Check all areas of your home, open drawers, closets, and cabinets, and don’t forget those less used areas like the attic or basement. Check for property damage and take pictures before leaving to have proof of your home’s condition.

Load big items first

While loading your household items into the moving truck, take care of the largest objects first. The bulkiest and heaviest boxes or furniture pieces should be on the bottom and lighter ones should be placed on the top. If you have movers helping you, get involved and ask them to load the big items first. By doing so, you won’t risk anything getting crushed under the weight and you’ll minimize chances for damage. Of course, experienced movers will know this already but it never hurts to confirm that your things are being loaded in this manner.

Movers Are Lifting A Large Sofa

Have cash on hand

Another hassle you want to avoid on moving day is running to ATM in the middle of your moving day only to find out that the machine is broken or you’re out of cash. You’ll have to prepare some cash for your moving day that will serve you for getting food, drinks, or anything else while moving. Of course, let’s not forget that you’ll have to tip movers as well so have the desired amount handy. Add at least 10 or 20 % on top of all the planned moving day expenses, just in case.

Take care of yourself and your helpers

While we all want our relocation to be done as quickly as possible, we also must take care of ourselves during the process. What that means is that staying hydrated and eating well on your moving day is a must. So, wake up early and eat a healthy breakfast because you’ll have a long day in front of you. Prepare enough snacks and refreshments so you could get a boost of energy throughout the day and take breaks when you need to. This also goes for your helpers so be a good host and offer refreshments and snacks to them as well.

Friends Are Having A Lunch Break On A Moving Day

Pick the best moving company

Of course, one of the best essential moving day tips is to hire a reliable Brooklyn moving company. Hiring professional and experienced insured movers is what’ll make your moving day and your entire moving process stress-free. To have the most convenient relocation, contact Rabbit Movers. We’re at your service for residential and commercial moves so reach out to us to receive a free moving quote.

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